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  1. Its ironic that ophelia that is the most legit jungle hero are getting nerfed. First, its a relatively hard hero to play compared to heros such as draco, legio, wb, salo and para. And as pointed out above, she has a MUCH SMALLER window for making an impact on the game compared to the other jungle heros which scale pritty well, maybe not para so much but he is already a toxic hero that is banned in most games for that reason.
  2. I can understand your concern. But the bounty can also be scaled with game timer, to avoid crazy early pubtrain and still get away from the farm fest. Then carry heros would be forced to pickup more early mid game items to compete late game and a much more enjoyable gameplay with xp/gold/gear distributed more even lategame.
  3. Simple. Give better reward for kills/assists. Then the game can stay a battleground and not a farmfest vs. neutrals. Everyone raging at this can go play a single player game, maybe even just play against bots. You already have hero's such as Tarrot and Artillery which dont even need items to crush enemy by simply good position or "slow" entrance. For me it is ironic when hard carry/semi hard carry can stay 300gpm and only buy defesive items and still compete. Sad.
  4. Stop telling jokes man. Your comment does not add up. Its far more easy to play carry than ever before!
  5. Shadowblade. I think the stun is fine now, a good improvement to give him a little more flexibility to join fights early/mid game. The damage feels abit high, especially in laning phase where he now can harass even better than most sups which is totally wrong in my opinion. Just compare it to a revenant for example, which is designed to do high harass damage. Edit: I also did not share the desire to give MK and Nomad a survivability buff. I have not seen how it plays out in the games yet, but in general, MK and Nomad with so much damage, utilities and get away has to be squishy..
  6. Short input. Remember, people can play deadly serrious in 5 games, then the next 3 games, they play half drunk with a pizza in one hand and no ingame sound. This would not change their rating. I have seen diamond players play like you describe 1400s, its nothing you can do about this. It is of course anoying if you only try to grind rank and you lose mmr becuase some good player randomly has different kind of fun just when they enter your game. Its hard to avoid these situations without a larger player base and generally more money to the developers, to come up with some very attractive high r
  7. Mezi

    Keeper vs Monarch

    You say there is no items to counter monarc. Buy refresher, sheepstick, hellflower .. Or even last pick keeper? To complain on this is silly. You should rather complain on how jungle hero over perform compared to the effort it takes to play them. edit: To me this illustrates how jungle players want to simplify everything to their advantage. Try to play against bots, same type of difficulty, you can have huge gold/xp advantage and feel like a BOSS.
  8. I use magebane simply as an example on how heros that were strictly considered as deep late game carry can snowball as you prefere to label it from laning phase. Even people can play him suicide. That was simply not possible before, at least how I remember things. Further, I never said carry are less significant late game. The problem is how much better they are early/mid game. Of course if you discuss the small bracket of top players or top teams it will not matter because both sides actually already max/min everything in such a way that it doesnt matter. But problems occurs differently
  9. You might say that the intention was to buff dual lane. However, the fact is that carry hero are valuable much faster, pushing setup and 5 ganker kind of setup are much more difficult since jungler and carry are already so strong midgame. I want to point out how difficult it was to actually win a game with mb carry, but it was also a huge reward if you manage to not lose the game while mb struggle for 1h. You lose the aspect of carry being good late game and support/gankers being good early game. Now you can roll over enemy ganker team with hero such as preda, tarrot, klanx, mb, even solstice,
  10. You never seem to put into account how HoN had a drastic change towards making things much simpler for the carry role over the years. A clear trend has been towards buffing carry hero early weakness and buffing junglers impact on the game. Why is it that you assume that his complaints are not seeing the whole picture? Remember, we lack people that appreciate the support role and we have overflood of people playing carry. Maybe its time to at least try to even the play field? Why is it that the game has to promote uneven distrubution of resources? I think its time to consider what actually happ
  11. I wonder if you still play jungle if all jungle got nerfed to a place it should be. To have avarage game impact if played well. Now you can pub stomp like crazy without any effort at all. Unfortunetly, this is what a huge part of player base appreciate. A good jungle hero player is in the current meta more valuable than any other good player in different role. Such a pity in my opinion. Low effort, huge gain. Need changes. Do not need to be removed.
  12. The fact that a jungle hero has a huge impact on the game when it takes a relatively low effort to play this role is to me not fair in the first place. I think if you rank the different roles and their significance in the game you would simply have somthing like the following: 1. mid 2. carry 3. jungle (you might even put this 2nd) 4. main sup 5. sui/2nd sup/roam/gank and the similar ranking based on difficulty: 1. mid (mostly because you face stronger players more frequently, also relatively high expectations from team) 2. main sup
  13. @Lunarios I simply search for old threads regarding concerns about the current state of the jungle. And I find that the better thread was already archieved. So I just wanted to try to generate some more focus on the current state of the jungle in general. I might not agree that kotg is the major concern, however, he clearly show a trend. The fact that a jungle hero has a huge impact on the game with a relatively low effort to play this role. I think if you rank the different roles and their significance in the game you would simply have: 1. mid 2. carry 3. jungle (you mig
  14. Dont forget the recent buffs for ALL jungle heros. You can heal and mana pot while getting hit. You can stack multiple camps easy without any struggle. There are more easy early game camps. I simply suggest an increase in number of possible bans. It will also force games to include a bigger variety of heros. I see jungle hero in 95% of my games played.
  15. what is broken is the farming rate in jungle...
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