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  1. You want longer hero names or what exactly is the suggestion here? I might be missing something
  2. Sooooo.. No? Are those treasures really lost for ever?
  3. @BoneThug0388 I actually just made AVG "un-quarantene" the file. Uninstalled the game. Downloaded a brand new installer client from the website, reinstalled the game and it works now!
  4. IAmNotJohn

    HoN Music

    This and only this. Nonstop
  5. As the title states, does anyone know if there is an archive of old competitive HoN games? Specifically I really want to see the famous "MSI Comback" game again.
  6. IAmNotJohn


    Can we please remove the automatic Spyglass? It was a fun gimicky celebration at first, it is honestly just annoying at this point.
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