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  1. Aw it would be nice to know - So we can queue up for the last game ever with friends or just start the game wishing everyone the best and to give it our best before it goes away. I've also been thinking about which hero I'd use in my last game ever of hon. Knowing when it ends would give some closure right at the end, knowing this is the last game of HoN i'll ever play and go out with appreciation and goodbye. Hopefully we get some update on this - Thanks for your response!
  2. What time will the servers go down? Midnight June 19? What time zone?
  3. I'm all in for singing the petition but I really think the $$ people are putting in is only going to the company that makes the petition rather than adding to the cause - Let's face it, even if your money went to "Showing it to more people" - Unless they know what HoN is and have played it, they have no reason to sign the petition.
  4. You sound like the exact type of person I look to avoid There's a difference between 'being weak' vs knowing how to enjoy the game and tune out when people get too toxic. If you want to spend arguing and swearing with people online, you continue to do that.
  5. I'm honestly surprised that as valid as this thread may be - It's the norm.. it's HoN. Sadly for a number of years this has been the single most toxic community out of any community online or offline in the world. Playing this game alone solo makes you a more toxic and bitter person because it wears down at you and gets to you. Half the games, I press "Z" which brings up the chat tabs - and click on "Whisper". This makes my chat disappear, I can't read the toxic rage and I ignore/mute anyone that's going to be toxic. This is the sad truth of hon. I always thought "This ga
  6. I just realised HoN is the game I've played longer now than any other game.
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