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  1. Otis_

    Is HoN back?

    i saw the 64 bit release, that's awesome :). Sounds good, thanks so much i cant wait to play
  2. Otis_

    Is HoN back?

    Thanks guys, that's great to hear because i tried dota 2 and i think HoN is a much better game. What does no new content mean then?
  3. Otis_

    Is HoN back?

    Hey guys, i took a break from HoN and havent played in a couple of years. I started gaming again recently and my friends are all playing Dota 2. They said HoN abandoned the game and hasn't released a patch, but I see a tournament that happened recently and these forums still seem pretty active. Can someone please explain what's going on? Is the game back? Are they still updating it? Or is everyone still playing on the same patch from February?
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