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  1. I wanted to make a post like this a while ago, but I think given the circumstances, now would be the best time. I'm not someone particularly notable. I've started playing the game back in closed beta and managed the Fandom wiki. I spent many hours to get it up to standard and kept it updated for a long time, even after I stopped playing the game. So I'd like to think I at least have some stake in the game. I haven't touched HoN in maybe like 3-4 years, and I stopped playing regularly years before that. The reason is not just because of the typical toxicity of players and how there are oth
  2. So looking at the game files, I noticed Lethal Range still uses the old range calculation. The damage bonus tapers off over 600 units normally, and 700 with Wingbow. This means it doesn't adjust if you have Faux Bow and it gives 50 less effective range than "intended" with Wingbow. But then again, it still scales down at 600, which was Gunblade's old attack range. There are probably other abilities with the same issue, but this is the one I caught.
  3. Hi, I'm posting here because I don't have a way to get more direct contact. I want to revise the tooltips for the game. Maybe it's because it's a sign of the game showing its age, but the amount of inconsistent terms and grammar style and the lack of concise syntax is surprisingly big. I'm willing to help make the wording clearer with relevant information and more consistent across everything. What I would do is change the grammar to remove third-person references, not have information split across the skill description and info, and fix up wording and spelling for terms, plus g
  4. My thoughts mainly going from ElementUser's post: Personally, I think people are looking into the "anti-caster" theme too much for Magebane. A hero who is functionally better in the late game but is supposed to be a counter to early game heroes is an oxymoron, yes. But I don't think Magebane needs to shift gears just to fill his "intended" purpose. Besides, we have other heroes that can do that. Balphagore has a Silence and his ult gets stronger against heroes that dump their mana pool fast. Moira has a skill that counters spam casting. Personally, I'm for the group that suggests kee
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