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  1. You really need to work on your attitude man. Especially if you want something to be changed in a different way... I like the patchnotes, doesnt fix everything ofc (since it's also different meta in certain leagues). Overall a rly nice patch.
  2. Anyone? We still get the problem sometimes once, sometimes 2 times in a row. Still only on europe-Server. The only thing I figured out it happens like nearly everytime if someone new joins the party that hasnt played a game before.
  3. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? Since 3 days Me and my friends (7 different people, with different computers in different regions of germany) get the "no repsonse from server" issue only on EU-Servers. US-West works fine. Couldn't find anything in the forum about this. //edit this is shown in the console.log [18:42:04] Received second AutoMatchConnect for MatchupID#3045 (4294967295)... Cl: [18:42:11] Server timed out Cl: [18:42:11] Error: ^rNo response from server. Cl: [18:42:11] Disconnect - disconnect_unknown Cl: [18:42:11] Sending disconnect notic
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