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  1. I play on AU and there are always enough actual AU players on, but people from US and EU always join and ruin games with high ping and language barriers. If people want to play on 500 ping they have that option already, but we shouldn't be forced to play with them especially if we can't even communicate with them. I'm not asking to lock players to their closest region, I'm asking if we can have the option to lock ourselves to the closest region with others from the same region. If the queue time is long, increase ping cap by x every x minutes.
  2. Can we please get the option to opt out of matchmaking games that have players with high ping? There is nothing worse than having someone from the other side of the world joining your game, not speaking the same language and putting your team at a considerable disadvantage not only due to lag but also because most of the time they are either completely new to the game or purposely throw because we don't understand each other or they think we aren't trying to help them. At the very least, there should be a tutorial about ping and a warning when you choose a server far away from you, but t
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