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  1. lutail

    Usefull GMS

    Also, about you being volunteers, you actually get paid, you've been paid since day 1, just like SBT. You get paid in ingame currency. So you're not a volunteer
  2. lutail

    Usefull GMS

    Another game, another intentional feeder. *censored* Having 550 gpm early game and losing a game to a rampage that feeds 10/15 kills and charges everytime. Goodjob in cleaning the community from the trash players. It goes to show you GM's are completely USELESS
  3. lutail

    Usefull GMS

    Also, i'm not on the wrong side of the forums anyways, since this is a suggestion. I'm suggesting them to get usefull GM's instead of the actual team (they're all friends of each other and are pretty much useless).
  4. lutail

    Usefull GMS

    Too bad I can't report them, since I've left the game. Cause I cba playing for 45/50 minutes with two guys constantly feeding and talking profanity over the mic. I also cba filling "proper threads" on your RAP Feedback Section cause you won't reply, so I rather make it public here so everybody can read. About the "being a volunteer" thing, that doesn't serve as an excuse to lack profissionalism in your "volunteer work". Thank you.
  5. lutail

    Usefull GMS

    Hello. My suggestion as a player for more than 10 consecutive years, is that you actually manage to get usefull GM's in your game moderation staff. Banning someone for insults (retard, fuck you, etc) and not banning someone for constant feeding and avoiding afk/help on teammates does not make your game better, it actually make people rage quit and eventually leave your (already) dead game. Your only luck is that people actually love the game and eventually come back and play it for a couple weeks before getting tired of it again. Also, standing on Clan Game Moderators and doing nothi
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