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  1. Nah sounds more like enemy only does 50% / 35,71% / 27,78% of its attack damage to Tarot
  2. sounds like you need to reinstall your maphack For real: Try the 64 bit client.
  3. Can confirm. He doesnt feel OP in several stages of the game anymore. Has fair damage and doesnt fulfill every role but has decent niches. Would be a bummer if he gets nerfed again.
  4. There are situations where you cant farm short lane because enemys are setting up (multiple) ganks or the lane is too pushed because your support missed to pull the lane because hes ganking (or sleeping). You just flee into the jungle to farm there (potentially even start taking early stacked camps with some help). Snowballing shoudln't be underestimated in HoN. Honstats match analysis feature "Player Net Worth Over Time" easily shows the sudden power spikes especially in the early/midgame. By all means you should not rush Alchemists every game, but if both teams go for a hardcarry with
  5. There are several points why this should not happen any time and here is why: Imagine you are pushing the enemy base. You can force a fight by pushing enemy rax. But before you force the fight you can copy your farmed carry and the enemys cant really stop it if its done correctly. You now have a 15 second window where you potentially have 2 super farmed carrys. Imagine a staffed Sandwraith with Mock Nullfire and Geos. Then double that. Ever had a TB in your team with Refresher and Spellsunder and Spellshards ? I guarantee it instantly wipes the whole enemy team out of n
  6. Skrap Unleash Vorax New Staff effect: As long as Vorax is alive creeps in his lane move and attack 25% faster and give only 50% gold and experience bounty. The affected lane also spawns creeps every 15 seconds. QI Enlightenment New Staff effect: QI passively gains a radiating Aura. Dealing 1 Superior Magic Damage every 2 seconds in an area of 250. This counts as Ability Damage.
  7. Void Talisman - New component buildup: Major Totem (540) + Amulet of Exile (465) + Recipe (695) = 1700 Gold Total +5 Strength +5 Agility +10 Intelligence (from 5 Intelligence) Target Self Type - Magic Applies Void Talisman to self for 4 seconds. Void Talisman EffectsPhysical ImmunityDisarmed-5 Magic ArmorDeals 25% Less Damage
  8. Don't add retroactive buff but simply remove the staff part where the enemys permanently gets 8/12/16 attack damage. IMO it's absurd and doesn't need to compensate the "potentially too high attack damage gain".
  9. You got lucky! It is aviable for 1200 Plinko Tickets till the end of march!
  10. Imma go with Cakesnake Slither & Birthdaybasher Predator since last posts question wasn't answered yet Merkste noch was?
  11. This is a huge nerf imo. I love the damage reduction nerf on it but pure supports suffer from the gold increase. It's such an expensive pickup. imo not quite understandable. Please no! make it scale on level at least. (600/650/700/750) This forces Ophelia to get too close to the enemys in lategame fights and will kill her super easily if this nerf really wanted to adress her early game.
  12. My biggest love is Aluna. She got a strong nuke, a stun and escape. I have juked or even turned many early game go's on me (get an golden apple at the start - trust me) Have played almost 1000 games with her and global sniping works almost every time. Hell ! Even sniping enemys Kongor is ez with it.
  13. Cakesnake Slither, Firefighter Demented Shaman, Birthdaybasher Predator
  14. Please give us Birthday Basher Predator and Cake Snake Slither.
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