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  1. You got lucky! It is aviable for 1200 Plinko Tickets till the end of march!
  2. Imma go with Cakesnake Slither & Birthdaybasher Predator since last posts question wasn't answered yet Merkste noch was?
  3. This is a huge nerf imo. I love the damage reduction nerf on it but pure supports suffer from the gold increase. It's such an expensive pickup. imo not quite understandable. Please no! make it scale on level at least. (600/650/700/750) This forces Ophelia to get too close to the enemys in lategame fights and will kill her super easily if this nerf really wanted to adress her early game.
  4. My biggest love is Aluna. She got a strong nuke, a stun and escape. I have juked or even turned many early game go's on me (get an golden apple at the start - trust me) Have played almost 1000 games with her and global sniping works almost every time. Hell ! Even sniping enemys Kongor is ez with it.
  5. Cakesnake Slither, Firefighter Demented Shaman, Birthdaybasher Predator
  6. Please give us Birthday Basher Predator and Cake Snake Slither.
  7. Error message got me a lose + disconnect I run no mods (in fact I even reinstalled HoN 2 weeks ago) and did maaaany games the last days and today. suddenly this error come up 2 minutes into the game. I ran the repair and still constantly flew out of the game after every reconnect. This happened on the 32 Bit Client on an Europe server. Enemy site also reported in all chat their voodoo has the same issue.
  8. Aluna Power Throw New Staff effect: Heroes hit by an Emerald Red Effect enhanced Power Throw will be killed instantly if they are under a certain health % threshold. Percentage Health Kill Threshold: 14%/16%/18% Sir Benzington Knightfall New Staff effect: activate to instantly jump into the air for 5 seconds. While in the air you may choose an area globally to land. If no area was chosen you will fall back down to your initial position. Aoe Fall Damage increased to 300/450/600. Magmus Steam Bath New Staff effect: While in
  9. Any chance to get Paypal as an option for the subscribtion? Me and some friends are willing to do so. We have no credit card as its kinda unusual here in europe.
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