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  1. It was a perfect endless circle tho... When not playing HoN I was crying. But while I was playing it I collected Salt from my enemys to keep crying afterwards. Soon something will be missing...
  2. Would like to see like a 15 movement speed bonus for melees on Faux Bow.
  3. The Dark Lady R - Cover of Darkness Adds a new spell "Sudden Darkness" (Hotkey: D). 50 Manacost, 30 second cooldown. Applies 1,5 second fear as well as your current level of Cover of Darkness to an enemy Hero. Range: global Can't be used if Cover of Darkness is on cooldown. On use sets "R" on 30 sec. cooldown. Gravekeeper R - Zombie Apocalypse Now also creates a tombstone for 8 seconds that summons 10 / 16 / 24 Zombies up to 2 times every 4 seconds. Enemies can attack the tombstone to kill it in 5 hits.
  4. While it not should'nt simply add more push/pull distant we should discuss if a bond/restrain effect can be added. Pure damage or slow is also disregarded imo. I'd like to see some kind of 1.5 sec of perplex and fear or with the addition of 3 second restrain afterwards.
  5. maybe in lower MMR my friend..
  6. How to handle queue times on so many game modes?? easy! Guild Wars for example has automatic rotating events for it. Give us 4x or 5x silver rewards at certain times. Queue times for the modes with bonus will decrease this way.
  7. I still cant comprehend how people call this mode more healthy than Single Draft. Balanced Random leads to so much frustration. I've never seen so many games where people try to remake. People just leave the game if they random a jungler and repick into Wildsoul/Warbeast again. IMO if we really wanna keep "Balanced" Random some things have to be changed. - Hero roles in general need to be optimized. Why is Jereziah even declared as a carry?? - If someone repicks he wont get a hero from his assigned role again. Instead he gets a totally random one. -
  8. Add back Secret Shop aka "Black Market" in each Jungle - every minute a new base Item gets added into the shop starting with 10% discount. (decreasing by 2% every minute) - up to 5 Items available at a time (oldest will rotate out if nothing was bought) Minute 1 - 10 only T1 Items (base cost of 500 gold or less) Minute 11 - 20 only T2 Items (500 - 1000 gold) Minute 21 - 30 only T3 Items (1100 - 2000 gold) Minute 30+ only T4 Items (2100 - 3800 gold)
  9. I don't really understand what you mean here.. I play Midwars to relax after some TMM. I queued into 5 games and every single one was frustrating either for me or the enemy team. All games were heavily unbalanced hero wise (you can't even swap after repicking). People immediately started ranting ingame and after game. But not like usually against their own teammates. No.. they called out the Game Mode with terms like "shitfest" or "worst f*cking mode ever"
  10. Mid Wars- Hero Ban- Balanced Random What exactly is the reason to change Single Draft to Balanced Random? First game enemy Team got 3 STR and 2 INT (Hellbourne Match ID 162438071) wasn't fair at all. How does this mode even balance to be exact? Imagine someone getting Ophelia, I doubt teammates will always swap. To be honest this Game Mode only leads to frustration for some people. Single Draft was a nice way to avoid All Pick (Hero Ban) while giving each Team the oppurtunity to create balance and swap in between.
  11. Nah sounds more like enemy only does 50% / 35,71% / 27,78% of its attack damage to Tarot
  12. sounds like you need to reinstall your maphack For real: Try the 64 bit client.
  13. Can confirm. He doesnt feel OP in several stages of the game anymore. Has fair damage and doesnt fulfill every role but has decent niches. Would be a bummer if he gets nerfed again.
  14. There are situations where you cant farm short lane because enemys are setting up (multiple) ganks or the lane is too pushed because your support missed to pull the lane because hes ganking (or sleeping). You just flee into the jungle to farm there (potentially even start taking early stacked camps with some help). Snowballing shoudln't be underestimated in HoN. Honstats match analysis feature "Player Net Worth Over Time" easily shows the sudden power spikes especially in the early/midgame. By all means you should not rush Alchemists every game, but if both teams go for a hardcarry with
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