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  1. Delete the Hon x64 folder created in your "My Documents". Worked for me. Thanks HyperXewl for fix!
  2. "entire gaming community" Don't group me with your beliefs.
  3. woah! mind blown. thanks man! couldnt find the location of said icon.
  4. hey guys odd request. I personally like to open up HoN by using the hon_update this saves me time as when there IS and update, it just updates rather than having to open up the program, just to let me know there is an update. (personally i think thats how it should be normally). anyways.. I'm doing the same with hon_update_x64, however it does not have an icon. so it looks weird on my taskbar. can you guys add the icon to it? or perhaps somewhere I can download it, so I can add it to a shortcut. thanks! loving the feel of the new client, keep it up!!
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