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  1. I would love two ancient camps thats easily accesable for each team but at the same time abit easier for one side for each team to get to but at the same time close enough to force team fights
  2. Niklason

    Aluna text

    Aluna got a small issue with her skill text where the skill name is wrong and is DÄcja VU with some symbols instead of the real name.
  3. Seems to happen less often after i removed some friends so it probably has something to do when you have alot of friends added
  4. Niklason

    Grave locket

    Since the latest patch grave locket requires a recipe but if you open the item that shows the required items the recipe that combines the items isnt there so i keep messing up and not buying all items.
  5. It might be something with many friends my friend list was pretty big il try remove some inactive people and see if it works
  6. Hi i got a few sub accounts and im wondering how the rewards work for example the login reward do i need to log in every day on the same account or does any subaccount work? Also the game rewards when you play 20 for example for silver is that all my account counted as 1 or is it per sub account?
  7. There is literally a patch thread with the down time.. The downtime typically takes place from ~1 AM to ~8 AM in the EST/EDT (GMT -5/-4) Timezone, depending on whether Daylight Savings Time is active or not.
  8. Yea i would totally be up for the mods just locking threads like this with a link to the statement
  9. A new season would just make more people smurfing again and they also said they wont do any new seasons
  10. I used to have this issue but the suggestion of reinstalling the game fixed it for me so it is probably not hardware related
  11. I might also add that in the video thats one of the smaller lagspikes i gotten some for over 5 sec but it seem to be from around 0.5-5 sec on avarage and for some reason happens only once per game. My guess is that the game somehow dont load in all nessesary resources for the aoe range indicators or aoe skills so the game lags until it is fully loaded.
  12. I also noticed that i usually leave the friend list open in between games so that might be one of the triggers
  13. I also got issues with this but i thought it was only me i got a thread going about it in the tech support part of the forum. I heard from a guy that a temporary thing you can do is to drop one item on the floor at the start of the game and pick it up and for some reason that helps.
  14. Never had any issues ever with a green screen i would suggest making another thread for that issue. Any suggestions on what to try to get rid of the spike lags?
  15. Yea i got the latest nvidia drivers 445.87
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