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  1. I have been playing hon since beta, but without SD iam not having any fun right now. If i wanted to play a short game midwars SD was the way to go, because it was relativly balanced and fun. RIght now AR is a leaver ridden shit show (who can you blame if you repick parasite into ophelia and cant swap) and AP is -who picks the not banned OP hero first- Guess we have to wait for the next patch and just hope for the better
  2. I played a few rounds and i dont get what should be balanced about this. Totaly random teams of which the one with better random heroes wins, at least in SD you could talk with your teammates and pick a team with good combos. When you want to add an unbalanced complety random mode, i dont mind but at least keep SD. You could also show the other teams picks in SD if you want a fairer match, so that the other team can counter some heroes.
  3. Rhapsody Hatsune Miku Version F.L.E.X Flint Easter Elemental Tempest
  4. Rhapsody Hatsune Miku Version F.L.E.X Flint Invader Ravenor
  5. Do we have to Post the Avatars we want for March again or will the previous Post be in the draft automatically again?
  6. Birthday Basher Predator, Cake Snake Slither, Firefighter Demented Shaman
  7. Can we get Paypal as an option to supscribe? A few friends and i are form germany and the most people here dont have credit cards, i think that goes for a lot of european countrys. Awesome Update btw!
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