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  1. Now I have been trying out the 64-bit client a bit, and I just wanted to say thank you for the making it! I play mostly Mid Wars on a laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 620 integrated card, and before, on the 32-bit client, I used to have to disable basically all graphical enhancements and have texture/model detail on low to get acceptable FPS through the game on 1360x768 resolution. Now I have been able to increase almost all of my settings so the game looks much prettier and I still get 60+ FPS consistently. It's great!
  2. I had this problem on a 1920x1080 screen (laptop) with 125% screen scaling. Perhaps it's time for a thread in the bug forum.
  3. Thanks, that worked! Sorry, I did not notice the link, I will use the appropriate forum the next time. To be clear, I completely uninstalled the old client and didn't copy over any settings when I installed the new one, if this is issue is something you feel is necessary to troubleshoot (It might be off-putting to new users if the client does not work out of the box).
  4. Hello, I downloaded the 64 bit client but it's not working properly. When I launch the game the splash screen with the HoN 64 logo fills my entire screen as it's supposed to but when I get to the login screen, the game screen becomes "smaller" so that I can see parts of my desktop behind it, because the game no longer fills the entire screen. Do you understand what I mean? However it is not in windowed mode with the windows stuff on top, it's "like" fullscreen but it's just that the game doesn't cover the entire screen like the splash screen did. Also, the game does not respond to
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