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  1. On 7/11/2020 at 2:14 PM, lllllollllll said:


    if u can download it from here:


    resources999.s2z with Autoqueue Buyer Mod and stumps. the trees


    If some one needs just the xShop mod to buy items automatic, i can create resources999.s2z for u . but is better if u learn urself how to do it. read the post. if u have any problem and u honmodman downloaded doesnt apply the changes correctly, like i see on my windows i can create one for u. Because mods are allowed, old, new, doesnt matter, the point is, The boss @ElementUser offer to comunity download honmodman, if mods developers doesnt work anymore, is not my fault. i found how to make it works and i offering to the people. Also works with some old mods, if u have it. follow the first post and u can try.


    hello my friend. i am trying for years to get xshop back on because i loved it... havent done it so i play with the normal shop. i dont really care about stumps , just want the xshop. i just dropped your resources.999 into the game folder and it makes some stumps , the xshop is showing in the mod settings but the shop is still normal game one. i even dropped xlib into the hon folder but nothing changed. i downloaded a hon modman but it says it cant write... some help pls ? pls email me irongud@yahoo.gr or viber 00306946016564.

    thanks in advance



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