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  1. I think it's the enhanced keyboard option vs the version. I'm on 12 because I don't need to run anything past Win7 on my gaming rig at the moment. I've got 15 on the workstation. I haven't upgraded since it's a few hundred bucks and 12 is working fine. I don't need to tie this one to Vsphere...
  2. I've lost keyboard input within Hon multiple times and found out how it happened. I've got VMware Workstation 12 installed. If I click on a VM with enhanced keyboard support turned on (while waiting in queue) while HON is running then all keyboard input is lost in HON until HON is restarted. Turning off enhanced keyboard support stops the problem, presumably there is a conflict between that and HON's keyboard handling. I'm just happy to have found what the conflict was with and have a work-around. Not anything to make a priority but maybe you'll notice something if you're in that code for
  3. @HoSchiminh - Steam doesn't see Hon 64 yet? I have an idea. I bet Steam was downloading an update to something. Steam tries to stop downloads when it detects you're playing another game. I bet it doesn't recognize the 64 bit client. You've got to manually register HON64 with Discord, it was the same for me with Steam. Hit 'add a game'->'add a non-steam game' in the lower left of the steam client. You may have to wait for it to search once you click, or hit it twice.
  4. FYI: Just played a game (; WIn10; Nvidia 1070) The game crashed (send the dump), but when I re-ran the client I had mouse but no keyboard within HON. The keyboard worked normally outside of HON. I had to reboot to get keyboard working. (ps/2 keyboard [yay IBM model M], skylake system)
  5. Wow! That's actually amazing! So far in a few dozen games, the occasional pulsing or stuttering I'd see mostly in teamfights hasn't happened at all. Yay! I hope the server side is working as well! (running 4k/120hz, skylake i7, Nvidia 1070)
  6. I've had the same issue as gavlarN, and was able to learn some things. I've got dual screens, 4k at 150% scaling and 2560x1600 at 125% scaling. I installed with 32 bit in place, 32 bit set to full screen; exclusive mode; DirectX 9; vsync on 1st run, I got a display much larger than screen size then it shrank to a squished form only 2/3rds high but wider than the 4k screen. A first I though I couldn't click with the mouse, only type. Then I realized I could click at the top of the screen, played a bit and realized the 'click' zone and displayed cursor were not aligned. The 'mouse' coords
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