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  1. I have two thoughts about some balance effects. 1. Do you guys consider that Behe's SOTM should stay with the current CD? It's still good, but I consider that having the jump sub-ability cooldown is a better power scale for a SOTM upgrade. Is the mobility in such a low CD the main reason? Is it more specific, like giving him an annoying escape? Could giving the sub-ability a 3-sec CD on damage be a viable exchange? 2. Do you consider the previous buff to Pred (giving the restrain effect) is a good direction of balance? Up until now, I still feel that it got rid of one of the natural weaknesses of Predator, which involved being kited if without a team. Because of the change, the amount of heroes that could give him issues was heavily reduced (specially in a suicide vs safe lane scenario), his powerspike became bigger and he became another hero that could buy a farming item and then go nuts (since he already had magic immunity, an iconic strength of him). Because of this, Stone Hide got nerfed, which I feel might become a starting point of other nerfs that could lead him to become less unique (restrain being an iconic strong point of Berzerker) Related to the two points, I do believe that Restrain is an effect needed in HoN because of the amount of blink and pseudo-blink abilities, but having it in more carry heroes as part of their kit takes away it’s uniqueness and the pros and cons when picking a suitable hero for that role. I think having the effect in new item could be and interesting trade-off if it is a dead-end one though, as it will still allow the heavy hitters to get rid of their weakness at the cost of an item slot.
  2. Engineer (New Effect): Spider mines (Advanced Spider mines): Spider mines gain a new sub-ability. You can use the new sub-ability (Crawling command) to command the spider-mine to reposition itself in a 1000 radius (following pathing). Has a cooldown of 5 seconds and no mana cost. Mines can be detonated while moving with this ability. Limit of mines increased to 8. This upgrade allows to power up other interesting aspects of the mine ability besides the damage. While the damage is not directly improved, having control of the mines after the initial position could allow for better grouping of them in one spot (though this could still follow the current restriction). But the important point is that mines could now be used for scouting or for reposition traps in the middle of skirmishes. It could also be used as a better farming tools with neutrals, allowing one to put mines before their spawn, and the using the mines to kill them while still farming in lane. Ichor (New Effect): I have two options in mind for him. 1. Transfusion (Interfusion): Ichor's attack damage becomes the attack damage of the targeted unit while linked. (or maybe gain a percentage of it if the effect is too strong) A simple but strong addition. Gives Ichor a possibility to become a heavy hitter if he links to a carry hero, but one will have to consider if a different item build to get them most of it, or to become a bigger annoyance if left alive for too long as a support. 2. Saint's Blood (Blessed Blood): Saint's Blood gets a targeted effect. Ichor can cast his E on allied units to transfer his passive for 5 seconds. Has a 10 seconds cooldown, and Ichor loses his passive ability while the buff is active on his ally. I think this upgrade could be interesting, since it would allow Ichor to focus and link and enemy hero while still being able to protect his carry. My only issue is that I feel it could overlap with Accursed role too much, hence the two options for upgrade. Torturer (Change of effect): Instead of the current upgrade to his ult, Torturer gets a new passive ability. Everytime that Torturer activates an ability, he gains everything-walking for 3 seconds. This changes allows Torturer to become a true haunting spirit at the cost of smart use of his abilities. Giving him better flexibility to move around the map will give him better chance potential as long as he has enough mana. He still needs vision, and trees will stay along his path, so there will still be ways to kite him, but the Torturer player will have better reposition options. Puppet Master (Change of effect): Voodoo Puppet no longer has an upgrade. Whiplash get an activable targeted effect (Cursed Puppet): Spawns a Cursed Puppet near self that is linked to target. Any debuff or state taken by the Cursed Puppet is transferred and doubled to the targeted unit, but no damage is transferred. Has a maximum Health of 500/750/1000. Lasts until the target gets more than 1500 units away from the spawned Cursed Puppet, or until the Cursed Puppet is killed. Same cooldown and manacost as Voodoo Puppet, and cannot be cast on the same unit as Voodoo Puppet or onto the Voodoo Puppet itself. The upgrade goes away from the burst build on Puppet Master and focuses more in his disable capabilities, allowing him to play a better role as a support or semi support if desired.
  3. I don't mind the current power of Nitro, but I do feel that it kinda overlaps with MOA with the attack-speed focus. Some small tweaks that I would like to include to make him a little more interesting are: - Increase the range of autoattack during ult by 200 units. - Nitro autoattacks also damage enemy units or neutral units that it passes through while using the ult (Final damage could be reduced a bit in exchange of the range if needed). These two changes would bring back some of the flavor of old Nitro while giving him the option to use positioning smartly if one desires to affect more than one unit (while it could also allow for counterplay if the enemy hero decides to cross through units to reduce the damage) and making Nitro more of its own character.
  4. Yeh, patch really feels good for that, there are more options that feel viable which I'm really enjoying! I get the approach and I think it's a good one, just worried because regular patches take 2 months, so it kinda worries me that I might end up playing against draconis and sols every game for that long
  5. While the changes to jungle were good for viability, I think it should have been coupled with nerfs to carry junglers. I have the feeling that as days pass, Solstice and Draco will rise in impact in high games, and Salo might become a big issue in low-mmr games. Obviously is an early analysis and hopefully I am wrong, but my initial impression is that
  6. Here, from newest up to the one-that-should-not-be-remembered version of 4.0 Bombardier Sticky Bomb - Magic Damage increased from 75/150/225/300 to 100/180/260/340. _______________________________________________ Bombardment - Magic Damage per wave increased from 20/30/40/50 to 25/35/45/55. *Total Magic Damage increased from 80/120/160/200 to 100/140/180/220. _______________________________________________ Bombardment - Magic Damage per wave lowered from 30/40/50/60 to 20/30/40/50. *Total Magic Damage lowered from 120/160/200/240 to 80/120/160/200. - No longer deals reduced damage to enemy structures. - Tapering Movement Speed slow increased from 40/50/60/70% to 70% at all levels. Boom Dust - Now deals 75% of its damage against non-hero units. _____________________ Bombardier Sticky Bomb - Magic Damage decreased from 100/180/260/340 to 75/150/225/300. _________________________________________________ Bombardment - Number of waves of damage reduced from 5 to 4. * Total amount of damage reduced from 150/200/250/300 to 120/160/200/240. ___________________________________________________________________________ Sticky Bomb - Magic Damage decreased from {100/200/300/400 to 100/180/260/340}. Boom Dust - Magic Damage per instance of Boom Dust decreased from {15/30/45/60 to 15/25/35/45}. _____________________________________________________________________________ - Movement Speed increased from {295 to 300}. - Magic Armor increased from {5.5 to 6}. Sticky Bomb - Can now be double-activated to cast Sticky Bomb on yourself. - Cast range increased from {625/675/725/775 to 800 at all levels}. - Damage increased from {75/150/225/300 to 100/200/300/400}. - Duration until max prime lowered from {8 to 6 seconds}. *This means the max number of extra Magic Damage & stun duration has been decreased from {4 to 3}. - No longer increases the damage of Sticky Bomb as the Sticky Bomb ticks. - Extra Stun Duration per tick increased from {0.5 seconds to 1 second} (max of a {3 second Stun}). - If you activate before the first 2 seconds, it now mini-stuns for 0.2 seconds. - Bombardier can now activate the detonation subability while Stunned or Silenced. Bombardment - No longer has a second charge at level 4 of the skill. *Now has a 12 second cooldown instead. - Magic Damage per wave increased from {20/30/40/50 to 30/40/50/60}. *Total Magic Damage increased from {100/150/200/250 to 150/200/250/300}. - Radius increased from {250 to 300}. - Increased damage to buildings from {33% to 50%}. Boom Dust (Reworked) - Passively causes Bombardier to deal {15/30/45/60 Magic Damage} in a 250 radius around an enemy unit when Bombardier autoattacks an enemy unit. *Boom Dust also damages & applies on a single target when Bombardier damages that target in another manner. - Can only occur four times on a single target every 15 seconds. Air Strike - Cast range decreased from Global to 1200. - Cooldown reduced from {140/120/100 seconds to 120/100/80 seconds}. - Staff of the Master: In addition to the previous effects, now also increases cast range to Global.
  7. No, sadly it doesn't. That's why I was writing about that, since even if you evade it, they can still manually trigger it for full damage
  8. I would prefer if the damage scaled with time again, but that depends on what the aim of bomb should be. I would prefer if he didnt remain as a burst hero like most of the mid gankers in the hero pool, but he would have to be compensated in another way (just a tad bit though)
  9. With current Madman's state, I think moving gash applying through spell to be part of the SOTM upgrade could be a good way to reduce his current burst
  10. While I'm not sure where is Prisio situated balanced wise, I wouldnt mind a rebalance to his passive in that sense. Maybe combine part of that ult buff with his old E, going to something like this: One Man Riot (passive) - Back to 15/20/25/30% Base damage for each of your abilities on cooldown (so he just doesnt get a permanent 30% base damage increase with 1 point in the ability during laning phase) One Man Riot (active) - Enemies deal 10% less damage to prisioner and an additional 10% for any other enemy hero in the radius. (sinergy with the new passive and allows him to have better chances in the heat of the fight) On another hand, Im still not sure if he requires a pseudo-hook. Thematically, I really would prefer if heroes were allowed to get closer and dirty to fight against Prisio and punished if they didnt do so, instead of just being hooked right to his side
  11. Deadwood (Change of effect): Rotten Embrace (Rotten Grasp): Radius increased to 350. (or something between 300 and 350 if it is too much) While the current effect is interesting, it just pushes further the already niche part of DW's ult, which is the possibility of lasting longer if there are STR stacking heroes. I feel like it is way too similar to Bramble's upgrade, both filling the same goal: Increasing the HP and the damage of the hero, while DW's have more restrictions to be as effective. Also, because of the bursty nature of the ult, I prefer that it keeps the regular cooldown and not get a decrease from the SOTM. The current suggestion makes DW less of a one trick pony by being a bigger threat in teamfights if ult is down. Also, it will force enemies to scatter way more and have less time to react once DW ults someone. It's a simple change that gives a lot to the hero imo.
  12. Not sure if it will end up being just a QoL change though. Wouldn't the sear apply way too fast that way (multiple units at the same time instead of 1 per autoattack right now)?. Specially when taking stacked camps.
  13. Related to the EW thread, maybe the wolves could be changed to do half damage or no damage if they hit a target in FOG? I think that is the most annoying part of the hero, just no-skill spam that hits you if you are in such a big range of the enemy. Vision timer could be upped a little to compensate.
  14. Mostly because of Ophelia and a strat that involved having an army of controlled neutrals to block the creeps path afaik
  15. The build up is the current one since it is supposed to be the counter part of both Geometer and Frostwolf, which also includes the Ultimate Orb. What I really would like to see is to change the Magic Lifesteal part of the Item to a Spell Damage Lifesteal. Could open the use of the item to other heros, which would also go in line with its counterpart, since you are not hardly restrained to not buy them (Geos for the case of the dispel, Frostwolf for the active slow; while Grimoire is more binary to the idea of having magic damage)
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