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  1. I think this can work as long as turning it on again has some restrictions, like not being able to toggle it while disabled, of giving it a 3 second cd after toggling it on. Else, players will have too much control of the item which would break any initiation (right now you can bait the passive's activation and reengage later)
  2. Yes, but sometimes the mid gets one, and it is usually one that can also farm with spells. Sooner or later they will get ride of the hatchet and there are always escenarios in which that item would have been useful for any of the lower team positions imo.
  3. I have a balance suggestion regarding hatchet. Don't know if it is something that can be implemented, but I think that making hatchet shareable could improve the situation of melee supports. In a good game, mid or safe lane carry will be able to leave theirs around the 10 min mark, and giving it to their supports, specially melee ones can contribute both to their farm pace and in utility aspects around the map (for dewarding, cutting trees, breaking enemy gadgets, etc). While I think making it a shareable item from the start would be preferrable, I get that it can lead both to bala
  4. Monarch (Change of effect): Cleansing Wind (Purifying Wind): Target Type from Target Position to Target Vector. Range from 1400 to Global. The target vector is used to determine the direction in which the gust will be casted. The cast time of this ability is increased by 0.1 for every 1000 units of distance between the casting point and Monarch current position. The spell always affects Monarch even if she is not touched by the gust. While the current SOTM effect can be really strong, more often than not, as a support one would prefer other items over a conditional second win
  5. Something like that could be a better way. Though I think, instead of making people vote, it should be something related to reports. Something like, "have this account receive any reports this week? How many and in how many games? Then adjust the possible reward accordingly. But if we go with votes, I think your suggestion could work perfectly, considering that and additional feature like that (with the screen and the new variables) could be implemented.
  6. Yes, but that is why I think it is worth it to take a look at how it works in other games. In the case of Pokemon Unite, the behavior score starts at 100 for every player, and gets reduced by each report that the player receives. This approach could work better in HoN, as there is no incentive for oneself to report someone else, but there is incentive in not behaving in such a way that might gt you reported. Additionally, the behavior score could just increase naturally but slowly per each day, which could balance the possible reductions and the effort to improve one's behavior.
  7. There are two recurrent issues in the game that have been highlighted before in many discussions: Player behaviour and Smurfing. In this post, I would like to discuss how these two issues could be somehow tackled on with a possible suggestion, as to encourage more feedback from other players and find what could possible work for this game. As in most MOBAs games, the main feature used to control players' behaviour is through the use of the Report System. This option aims to discourage bad behavior through punishment. In the case of Dota, an additional variable known as Behavior Score
  8. I think that most issues of Adeve's cloak could be solved if the item had 3 recipes instead of 2, and making the cost cheaper (from 1100 to 750) From that point, values can scale better. Duration can smoothly go 3 - 4 - 5, damage reduction can go 15-30-45 and so on
  9. Some more suggestions for SOTM effects. Circe: Doppelganger cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds whenever it is used to create an illusion of Circe. Deceive cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds. Kinesis (additional effect): Thoughtstealcan now is also castable on allied heroes, controlled units, and neutrals. Goldenveil (additional effect): Perch can now also be used on gadgets (including wards) and structures. Apex (additional effect): While using the channeling effect of The Burning Ember, a pulse of fire that does 50 damage (non-DOT) will be cast every 2 seconds in a 1000 radius
  10. Disarm would make the E uncounterable by oneself as an enemy though
  11. My main grip is how this upgrade clashes so much with his current ult. Most of the advantages it has are already part of his regular ult (global cast, revelation, damage). Feels like the damage could be taken away to focus more on the other components of the ult (zoning aspect, aoe of denial) so that it does not have to share a cooldown with the regular ult, which makes it feel not worth it most of the time.
  12. Magmus utility from his stun is so high that makes him relevant in most part of the game imo. He can itemize flexibiilym for which I think that buffing him in any way outside of a better SOTM effect, would tip his power too much as a position 4 or even 5. Regarding a possible SOTM effect, I consider that improving his steambath could give him enough reasons to go for the upgrade, and could allow for even more diverse itemization. Some of the changes I have in mind for his W would be: - No longer has a cooldown. - No longer a channeling but a self cast area spell which ends if Magmu
  13. Nice! All the best wishes for the tourney!
  14. 15% for each ability. You could proc more than 1 ability in 1 hit
  15. Not sure about numbers suggestions, but there are some things that, from my perspective, could be changed to make Prophet feel better to play: 1. Change Invigorate back to a targeted spell. From my experience, right now feels really clunky to use for a spell that has 800 radius. While it might be fine during laning phase, as soon as Prophet is with more than 1 teammate, he has to position in a restrictive and sometimes poorly way to get the spell to affect the desired teammate. If I recall correctly, it got changed to the current way after the Prophet revert, but not sure what was the rea
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