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  1. The issue with that part is that it will overlap and overshadow Flint in it's own niche (tbh, Flint could really use something like the bunker down ability)
  2. Well, FB could choose the main topic for each poll and rotate, like choosing a hero or an specific effect for each.
  3. Yes, but that is the idea even from the initial design (which didnt hit the mark at all, since he could, well, burst any hero). Heroes should have strengths and weakness that make you want to pick them in good situations and adapt, not just pick them and be able to snowball regarding the circunstances and the line-up of the enemy team
  4. While it might not be the most glaring issue in the game right now, I believe that the Restrain effect is an important topic that warrants a discussion. It has been a vicious cycle brought by the focus in burst kits; heroes had to be tanky or slippery to survive burst, which as a result brought heroes that required more burst as to not allow heroes to go away with one of the multiple escape mechanism available in the game. Not sure if completely true, but from my experience, the Restrain effect got introduced as a more balanced way to counter the increasing escape mechanism that plagued H
  5. Bersk


    On another hand, the scissor-stone-paper rule was already broken with the buff to pred
  6. Bersk

    Ward meta

    I think the core issues were kinda remedied with the change to counterwards. I dont find your initial point that much of an issue, since the early worm should get the advantage in that case, and while you can take the Vision ward away, now rev wards are less of a binary fight, giving also more flexibility for vision wards placement.
  7. Maybe make the cooldown reduction faster if there are ally heroes around X radius?
  8. Not sure if this has happened before and was reported or if it is something new hence I wanted to share it first in General Discussion. I played a game in the afternoon in which hellbourne team's Swiftblade player abandoned the match around the 12 minute mark. Besides that, around the 20-something minute Hellbourne team, it seems that the hellbourne team conceded, which was weird cause there wasn't a message about them calling for the vote. The game jus showed the message about the match ending and us winning, but everything froze from there, none of my teammates could move, and there was
  9. I have two thoughts about some balance effects. 1. Do you guys consider that Behe's SOTM should stay with the current CD? It's still good, but I consider that having the jump sub-ability cooldown is a better power scale for a SOTM upgrade. Is the mobility in such a low CD the main reason? Is it more specific, like giving him an annoying escape? Could giving the sub-ability a 3-sec CD on damage be a viable exchange? 2. Do you consider the previous buff to Pred (giving the restrain effect) is a good direction of balance? Up until now, I still feel that it got rid of one of the natural weakne
  10. Engineer (New Effect): Spider mines (Advanced Spider mines): Spider mines gain a new sub-ability. You can use the new sub-ability (Crawling command) to command the spider-mine to reposition itself in a 1000 radius (following pathing). Has a cooldown of 5 seconds and no mana cost. Mines can be detonated while moving with this ability. Limit of mines increased to 8. This upgrade allows to power up other interesting aspects of the mine ability besides the damage. While the damage is not directly improved, having control of the mines after the initial position could allow for better
  11. I don't mind the current power of Nitro, but I do feel that it kinda overlaps with MOA with the attack-speed focus. Some small tweaks that I would like to include to make him a little more interesting are: - Increase the range of autoattack during ult by 200 units. - Nitro autoattacks also damage enemy units or neutral units that it passes through while using the ult (Final damage could be reduced a bit in exchange of the range if needed). These two changes would bring back some of the flavor of old Nitro while giving him the option to use positioning smartly if one desires to affe
  12. Yeh, patch really feels good for that, there are more options that feel viable which I'm really enjoying! I get the approach and I think it's a good one, just worried because regular patches take 2 months, so it kinda worries me that I might end up playing against draconis and sols every game for that long ?
  13. While the changes to jungle were good for viability, I think it should have been coupled with nerfs to carry junglers. I have the feeling that as days pass, Solstice and Draco will rise in impact in high games, and Salo might become a big issue in low-mmr games. Obviously is an early analysis and hopefully I am wrong, but my initial impression is that ?
  14. Here, from newest up to the one-that-should-not-be-remembered version of 4.0 Bombardier Sticky Bomb - Magic Damage increased from 75/150/225/300 to 100/180/260/340. _______________________________________________ Bombardment - Magic Damage per wave increased from 20/30/40/50 to 25/35/45/55. *Total Magic Damage increased from 80/120/160/200 to 100/140/180/220. _______________________________________________ Bombardment - Magic Damage per wave lowered from 30/40/50/60 to 20/30/40/50. *Total Magic Damage lowered from 120/160/200/240 to 80/120/160/200
  15. No, sadly it doesn't. That's why I was writing about that, since even if you evade it, they can still manually trigger it for full damage
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