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  1. Ahh I see! That was my only guess.. Thanks for the info! We may try reaching out to them.
  2. Thanks for the reply! Practice is set as the default for both of us and it is greyed out. We are unable to change it. I believe we are successfully connected to a server because we can see other hosted games. (We can actually see the games from your list by chance). Is there a required rank to be reach to be able to host a game?
  3. Hello, My fiance and I are trying to play a bot match but with each of us on opposing teams. We do not seem able to switch sides from a bot match. We were both trying to create a custom game set to private to fill with bots, but we cannot invite each other because the "Select Server" option is disabled and set to "Practice Mode". Why are we unable to select the server? Is it not possible to have us both in a bot match on opposing teams? Thanks in advance.
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