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  1. Hello , why buffs and debuffs timer freeze on Moira Vortex, but skills and items do not freeze? I noticed that Moira Ultimate is freezing and stop the timer for heroes buffs and debuffs, for example if an enemy hero opens his shrunken and I want to waste the immunity effect timer by throwing him on Moira ultimate, it does not work ? or predator W grants magic immunity for him for 6 sec why I can't cut down from this time while predator on Moira ultimate? and the same concept for cutting down the time for debuffs timer on ally heroes.
  2. Hello, Because there is 2 versions of this avatar "Soaker Rosie". There is an avatar that is called Soaker Rosie. Same looking, but different unit voice. You can't get same alt avatar in plinko (If you already own the avatar) Regards,
  3. Hello, Why the 20% Gold Discount event not applied on sup account and account reset ? it was 2000 g when event begins. Regards,
  4. Now you just talk about analysis the video not about the main topic I don't really understand how u don't see that 30% damage not only for the ultimate but for all heroe spells Q,W,E and the ultimate is a fine increase ?!! GoP already get +10 str , 10 agi , 26 int and 20% reduce cooldowns and 20% magic lifesteal why 30% ? 10% is a fine number but 30% is too much for all int heroes spells.
  5. This man ask to learn but a lot don't and just quit I really think HoN must have a tutorial.
  6. @Whyzozerious 30% magic damage is a very huge buff whatever the game rank is. and please forgive those 1500 noobs coz they didn't spend all gold in null+shrunken.
  7. I didn't forget it but in the video I shared he used his ulti only so why u talk about the W ?
  8. @Mr`Cactus No TB just attack range from 350 to 450 and movement speed from 300 to 310 For his ultimate he only got clear vision and true sight increased from 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds That's for sure not a hero over buffed, its all about GoP 30%
  9. you can see No.1 what he did with it @8:34 xD HoN Top 10 Best Annihilation (2021) #295
  10. 30% is OP that's a huge buff man I don't know how u don't see this ? believe me I know we can counter 100000% magic damage (null,bkb.Cloak...etc) so what... Okay I will say it a again " I am not a pro player so ur thinking 99.9% better than me so its okay to keep it or even make it 100%"
  11. @Whyzozerious We already buy Nullstone and Shrunken before 30% buff for magic damage, and those items make us immune for spells so why not make it grant 1000000000% bonus magic damage ? Fights not going in this way, the one who play with GoP will go for a heroe with no null or shrunken head so ? all the team will go for null and bkb ? I know u will say supports can go too with Nullstone and Shrunken and still have room to buy sup items...
  12. Hi, MOBA games is not easy, if u want to start have fun in MOBA game like HoN u have to learn about most off heroes spells and items, new players start with 1500 MMR and join with silver and gold ranks that played HoN for years !!! so what ? his team will teach him the game ? ofcourse not, his team will SHOUT on him and **** *(u know what he will get ^^"), so he will miss the game for his team and will quit HoN after 1 o 2 games, I liked the idea of LOL tutorial story type it take u in cinematic story and force u to open a spell one by one for a hero and by item one by one its just a gre
  13. @Safrock Sadly discussion etiquette and good manners cant buy it in real life =P, just players in HoN with your character makes HoN community one of the worst.
  14. Imagine Ravenor or pebbles or pyro a lot of heroes got enough highly magic damage and a good magic items that puffs there spells and there is no need for 30% more damage, its just all a bout I don't like the concept of "one shot kill" just please try to push the game to the team fights and not to a build for someone to go solo kills easy Anyway I am not a pro player so ur thinking 99.9% better than me so its okay to keep it =P
  15. Aha u mean Adeve's Cloak, that's what I mean now we focus to go tanky build and cant carry the team.
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