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  1. I'm not sure if this is just me but I cant switch from Classic to Razor or Sentinel. It cloud saves the settings but when relaunching the game it still has the old UI.
  2. I'm not sure there are errors with the documentation, its the calculation I am curious about since it does not seem to be a multiplier of any real silver accumulation.
  3. How would I calculate the amount of URSA Corps bonus silver I get? As you can see there is the following: +4 match finish +25 game a day +2 bloodlust +2 legacy (unclear if this applies to URSA amount) This totals 31 (or 33) without the legacy, clearly not a multiple of x1.2 at a minimum for URSA. It's unclear how the URSA bonus is calculated because it does not seem to be a multiple of any of the amounts of silver shown. Can you help identify where the +27 is coming from and why it does not seem to be a x2 multiple of "All rewards except account level-up"?
  4. In my personal experience, I tend to get higher ping levels when comparing to other games. I live USW and USE I never see anything below 120ms. Could just be the actual servers and/or data center causing issues.
  5. You can try to unlock the URSA Corps avatars which give an extra silver bonus per match: https://hon.gamepedia.com/Alt_Avatar/Set_Alt_Avatars#The_URSA_Corps EDIT: Also just saw you need to reach out to customer service for the silver coins bonus: Also playing Ranked, queuing with people on your friends list, winning matches, playing repeatedly, playing 1 game per day...all ways of earning bonus silver. To earn gold, doing the mastery rewards as stated above is your best bet.
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