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  1. Bringing nerf to forest creeps and nerfing Ophelia on top of that, on the other hand, I found it a little funny how you buffed Parasite. If you do not want us to play, it may be more logical to delete the hero directly. There are 5-6 people who play Ophelia (who can) already in the game. It would have been nice to do something for the Warbeast / Wildsoul instead of nerfing Ophelia (which could be a buff at some point, of course). Instead, I really respect your involvement of Draconis more into the game. Besides, Behemonth's role as suicide will get really hard. In addition to the
  2. Biej

    Tmm bug!

    Today I entered the GOLD rank game and there was someone named Lunarious, who was Legendary 2 but game was 1700 and he was gaining +4.4 mmr from the game. I even reported that to Tommy in-game.Here is the match ID and the screenshot link:160946412https://ibb.co/9H2qdT3(I have some Dota 2 hero modes just so you know) Diamond 1 guy were getting 0.4 and legendary 2 guy were getting +4.4. Screenshot is up.
  3. Biej


    Greetings to all Newerthians, There may be problems because I use a translator at some points. There are so many topics I want to mention that I don't know where to start. Let's make a simple list like this; - Smurfing with new accounts - Disrupt the game order and not be afraid of the consequences - low number of players - Absence of ads - Interest & interest in the game was cut off by the game management (I can't say this anymore, but I could say it until 1 month ago) Although it was not completely prevented from smurfing on a date that I did not remember exactl
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