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  1. Everything is back to normal with update - audio is once again stereo, and other players hear me over the mic. Audio quality is set to Normal, yes, and 32 channels.
  2. I've also just now been made aware by other players that they cannot hear my microphone audio, but the microphone/speech volume test in the audio configuration registers it. Was working fine in I'm adding this info here instead of in a new thread because I have a feeling the two problems are related.
  3. Can confirm this happens for me as well. It freezes the entire game but it's just for a brief moment, about 1 second.
  4. I know, this sounds absurd, but all audio - login screen, in-game music + sound effects etc. - is in mono now. Additionally the audio also sounds a bit compressed and low-key somehow.
  5. Can we have the SHA256 sum of the 64-bit v4.8.6.0 installer zip file? And oh, really nice work guys!
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