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  1. Hi HyperXewl, im currently using 32-bit. I will try 64-bit after the issues have been fixed. Thank you a lot for your help man
  2. Hi, A lot of players cant connect to games on EU, USE and USW servers after server fix 2nd feb. Can you guys check it óut, please?
  3. Hi, i have actually not tried that thing with scaling. I uninstalled the 64-bit version but ill try again. Thank you very much. I will come back when i have tried it.
  4. Hi, i downloaded the new client and when i came to the login page where you normally log into the game it was not working properly. I was hovering my mouse over "options" and the different settings to apply them, but its not working properly. I have my mouse cursor on lets say "options" but its not clicking on that. Its actually pointing at something else. ANd and its in window mode, not full screen. I cannot click apply or do anything besides typing my username and password. So there are some bugs there i would like to point out. I'm gonna have to install 32-bit again.
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