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  1. Nice thanks I still think he's weak but this will help for sure when playing against him like I should probably auto hit first when possible or be-careful when to use tb ulti etc
  2. Thanks, I almost never play him and I know you play him a lot, would you say its worth to have it on auto cast? From what you said above it sounds bad to have it on auto cast
  3. Hello, I don't understand what happens when you put bubble's e (shell) on autocast when does it auto cast exactly
  4. I remember there used to be a website where you put the match ID and you can view the chat Is there anything like that anymore?
  5. I don't mean the reportable pings. I mean some people spam useless pings all game it just annoys/distracts me I've gotten players that ping on enemy heroes every time they see any on map. Spam pings the whole fight to go back or attack etc. Many times very stupid calls to be honest and just distracting or they just get mad when they die and keep spamming you as if you have a global pk. I have no issue with people screaming because you can mute them by right clicking their icon > turn off voice chat for that player I use it all the time when I don't understand someones language
  6. Is there a way to ignore a certain player ping? some players ping like 40 times per minute it feels like
  7. Whenever I pick a rune like dd or haste with swift, once I spin (Q) my double damage/haste are gone. Is this intentional?
  8. Hello, I can stack all camps on the map at :53~:55 except for the legion easy camp on the left side that camp can only be stacked after :56 which makes jungle harder, especially if your hatchet is down
  9. Hello, When I aggro the hard camp in the middle of hellborn jungle at xx:36 and xx:06, I can always pull the range creep. But on some rare occasion I can pull all/some of the melee creeps too. It seems random. Anyone knows what causes this? or how I can pull the melee creeps more often? Thanks
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