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  1. Works now, thanx alot HyperXewl!
  2. Yes i checked filters serveral times, allowed all servers and all gametypes without any success.
  3. I´ve had this problem in about two months now. Player hosted games wont show up at all on both x64 and 32 bit client. I can create a game and even join games by right klicking on friends and "join game". But they wont show in the list at all.
  4. Cannot see any player hosted games at all. Same for X64 and x32 client. I can create games and join them but cannot see any in the list. Is this a server problem? Still dont work.. This problem appeared about 2 months ago and has been the same since then. I checked filter and tried reinstalling the game. @ElementUser any other ideas?
  5. @HyperXewl thanx, yes i would like assistance with this issue. Can you please send me a new discord invite? Seems like the one you sent has expired.
  6. Public games are not showing at all. I have set filter to allow all games but still i cannot see any games at all. Hosting games works fine and i can also join games by right clicking on on friends and "join game". Very frustrating. I have allowed HON through firewall and have not had any problems before. Its The issue is the same on 32 bit client aswell. Any ideas?
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