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  1. Of course, I saw the site, but if you play HON for at least a year, you will understand that these guides are complete shit, there is no description of actions, what to do for this hero, how to properly cast abilities, how to behave in battle, how to support or tank, what position to take, how to play fast push. There is absolutely nothing but fan builds and a banal buildup of skills. Here is an example of one of the guides that are in the top http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/guides/view/402892 If you have ever played on Accursed, then you will understand that this is just a funny
  2. I know perfectly well that there are guides in HON itself, but you removed the ability to create them a long time ago, (or I diligently cannot find it) And these guides, most of them were compiled in 2012-2015 and I do not consider them relevant now
  3. Hello, dear developers, I examined all the branches of the forum, and did not find a section on hero guides, yes, I found a section on hero mechanics, but why is there no section on learning how to play heroes? Can it be included in the main branch of sections, along with bug reports, general discussions, I think this will be useful, since HON has complex characters that are difficult to play, and it is necessary to explain to the players how to do this. If you can create such a thread, I would be happy to create guides for heroes, since my experience in playing HON is 7-8 years, and I kn
  4. Thank you for your help and showing me the way to start, it's cool to start even with small things, even indirectly and for free, but I can work and help HON, I hope I can still be useful, and I won't let the game at all perish.
  5. I am grateful that at least you answered me, so I will have questions for you, first of all, what exactly is meant by mods? Is this some part of the game or a script responsible for an action or ability? And where can they be found, it was not bad would get a link to them. Second, of course, I know the position of the company, it is not able to pay like Google, but I am not tied to the dollar, and in my country $ 100-200 is not bad money, and I would be happy to work as a remote employee. C ++, of course, I'm not yet experienced to work on such complex things, but I would like to learn more, f
  6. Hello dear developers of the game HON, I am a student and a novice programmer in the field of web development, I am your ardent fan, I have been playing Hon since 2012-2013, and I am very sorry to see what happens to the once strong game, which could be on a par with LOL or DOTA 2, and I don't want to be idle or just score on the game, I want to help you somehow, but maybe my skills today are not able to help you in raising the game from the bottom, but I would like to know if it is possible to hit to you as a junior developer in the web sphere, or in the development sphere, even for a $ 200-5
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