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  1. in order not to meet such players, you need to be a higher rank, at high ranks people are more adequate, but they will still be counted, either banned or deserted.
  2. Why everything stopped at the 12th game season. What is needed to open Season 13, donations or what, how can a new season be made?
  3. You can consider me anyone you want, but someday I will have enough knowledge to help revive HON, and for me it will be the most important thing, even if in your eyes I am both a racist and you will not remove a ban, but HON will live and I will live for him I will help with this.
  4. I repeat once again, I did not abuse a single player in that game, warnings and bans were given to me for breaking other players, with which I agree, and have nothing against it.
  5. I believe in justice, and if I have offended someone, I will be punished, looking into my bans, I looked at what I was banned for, 3 bans for trolling 1 ban for dog 1 ban for tard 1 ban for joke run nigga 1 ban for bitch 2 bans for fagots, and then one of them is current, for what I said so about myself And it goes beyond my 2 words fag, can I be considered a racist and homophobe? I don’t care what orientation people are and what race they are, and I don’t make statements like you, I myself am that mixing of bloods, and I am not a pure nationality.
  6. Administrator `Shattered insulted me when trying to file a complaint for an undeserved ban, calling me homophobic and racist, and I was also given a ban for saying that another player insulted me in an old game. I believe that the administrator has exceeded his authority, and I ask that my account be broken. Isn't your policy political correctness? If so, then why does your administration offend me. If in your country to say the word fag that does not refer to another person is a desecration, then publish a list of forbidden words in your game, different countries have different toleran
  7. I will file a complaint against you for insulting me and for inadequate punishment.
  8. Yes, I know that I got bans before, and there were reasons for my ban in insulting others, but now you banned me for 1 word with which you insulted me, do you think this is adequate?
  9. Let's get a little closer to the essence of homophobia and racism, this is when you insult others, right? Who have I insulted in this case? To say the word fagot is already insulting? I did not insult anyone in this game for you to make such statements. Just now you insulted me, calling me a homophobe and a racist, and also gave me a ban, I would be silent, if I defiled another person, do you have a dictionary of forbidden words in the game? If so, why hasn't it been published yet, I I do not think your behavior is adequate.
  10. Now I'm not talking about how I was banned, but because they gave me a ban, for insulting me.
  11. I was given a 3 week ban, for saying that the player with whom I played for a long time called me a pidor, and when I answered him I received a 2 week ban, but now I told my teammates that he called me a pidor, and they gave me 3 week ban, explain why? If they called me that, I didn't even scold anyone, it's just a ban, I certainly understand that you are tolerant to the bone in the USA, but they scolded me, and gave me a ban? I have a feeling that his friends are administrators, and he uses his connections for this, is that fair?
  12. while in testing mode, I was looking at avatars that are worth buying, and came across a rally atavar which does not exist in the store, why is it hidden? https://ibb.co/gzM2rcv
  13. I also consider it important that 1 abilities of Nitro and Arachna do not lure creeps, and any melee hero will tolerate infinite damage, this is a basic attack with a modifier from the ability, so creeps should attack them.
  14. Yes, I said about everyone at once, and not just entered the patch, but the first thing worth fixing is to prohibit breaking the skills of other characters with a hatchet, 2 attacks on the prisoner's skill 2 turn into 1 and an hatchet throw, and it does not even last 2 seconds.The same is with the warchief totems, and they break with a blow and a hatchet at once 2, and there is no use from them on the solo line. I think that you just need to remove its destructibility and reduce the action time to 4-5 seconds, because 9 seconds is too large and useless interval, since it will be broken by
  15. King KloutWith the introduction of the SOTM, he became a killing machine, and it's not very fair that a character with 1 item can kill anyone. Fade SOTM on fade is completely useless, and it is not worth spending 4 thousand gold on it, since it does not bring beneficial damage or control. Grimoire of Power He rushes from one extreme to another, he again became imbalanced, and because of him characters such as tb and dampeer are banned every game. Prisoner I still think that his 2 ability is severely curtailed, since it can be broken with a hatchet and 1 attack, I don
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