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  1. I'm back to HON after a lot of years, could someone please link me the Mod Manager and MODS that works with the x64 Client? Thx in advance.
  2. It's normal i couldn't select a server when create a Public Match?
  3. Can you let me know the IP Address before i download and install the client, to see if i have a good Routing?
  4. LAN mode need to be back, on the first HON Clients (From S2 Games) that mode was there.
  5. I 'm an old HON players and i remember we could do this on old firsts HON versions. It will be great, so players who don't have servers with good PING can create a server and play with their friends with good PING. In other words, 1 player can create a Game Room and ppl can Join, the Creator of the match will use his own Connection/Location, (LAN/HAMACHI a like). But allow those to appear in a public list.
  6. If you want to help with the cause, share this thread on LA communities.
  7. I think you guys should at least put a server for testing for a month and do a big announce (even put a big announce inside the game), then ppl will be back and could try and see how servers works. *But always saying it's a test and after the test ends, "we will need your support to keep the server running", so there's when you catch up some ppl for donate, when they feel again the low PING... You first need to "show something" to get ppl attention/interest, it have been like that since old times...
  8. I tried to get ppl from FB groups, but it's some hard, cause they don't even know this thread/chance to get some servers for SA even exist. Some of them don't even know a little of english.
  9. For this to happen, we need good amount of ppl from SA who be ready to donate, "we" the 3 or 4 writing about it here will not be enough, posted this thread in 2 Groups of HON in FB ( search for: "HON Latam, HON Brasil, HON Latinoamerica", etc..) and do the same guys, post the link to this thread there. We need more ppl for this to happen...
  10. Where can we see the specs of dedicated servers? i couldn't find that info.
  11. Ok, so the minimal Req. are: Proc: Xeon E 2136. RAM: 32gb or can work with 16 too? HDD: Mechanical HDD or need to be SSD?
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