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  1. Rework HoN to get back to times when heroes were locked. Add NFT system and crypto betting option to HoN Live. This could be very funny
  2. Lost my Caldavar skill ((( If only i could try midwars tour before end
  3. Goodbye HoN. Together from beta times.
  4. Dear Devs! We are nearly new 2022 year, times are changing. Everyone need everything right here and right now, fast life - fast games! Blow up the dance floor (as it was lot of years ago at start of HON) by Midwars 2.0 with updated map, ladder and ranking system, lootboxes, player avatar trade option. You will see people will like it!
  5. just do midwars statistic and maybe ladder...and you'll see it will live again
  6. Here I must agree, Mid Wars must have and additional option to play AR mode. The same my opinion that now at this life phase of HoN it would right move. Especially get back SD for MM. Maybe FB staff will look at this from the other side.
  7. Vakyrie Behemoth Witch Slayer Voodoo Jester Gladiator Kinesis Pyro Martyr Blacksmith Demented Shaman
  8. zipan

    The Servers

    unfortunately, some problems that some users always meet are universal for all games. I don't think something suddenly happened and all went bad no....and yes - maybe after releasing 64 bit version some old problems were exposed a little more and % of people who got connection problems raised a bit, but it's not about that things you think about. Just listen a man who spent last 20 hours fixing the same problem and succeeded. Heroes of Newerth your grown-up child. First they grow up, then they ask you for money, and after that he is already life-burned uncle who got his own job. I
  9. I thought about this, but firstly i just wanted to make some comment on another thread, word by word..... and it was already 7 a.m so i wanted to do it good but faster If this will get a response from people and someone will fix his problems i will change language and remake screenshots in Eng. (for now I hope people will cope simply by pressing the same buttons ) Absolutely right, i think this must be added to post. unfortunately cable will help to solve problem on the way Router in your home -> Your PC, nothing more This is too easy and not hardcore at all. True
  10. If you cannot connect chatserver - i think this could be packet loss Try to check your connection and check with WinMTR if you really have any problems with internet or no
  11. [TIPS] [ACTUAL] LAGS \ FREEZES \ LAG SPIKES \ INPUT DELAY PROBLEMS Hello there! First of all sorry for maybe bad english because its not my native language. Glad to see that HoN is still alive and people are moving it forward. Very good. Want just to tell a story to such people as me that spent last two days 10 hours each in a row to find a solution about lags \ freezes and fps drop for myself. As im already playing this game from 2009 year I wanted to share my humble experience with everyone who is interested and who is now looking for answers to their questions After
  12. Thats not server problems. Its from your side.
  13. Great job guys!! to those who think its version fail about some lag problems i hope this could help someone
  14. Hello there! Im collecting valkyrie alt avatars, she is my favourite hero, also i'm a user since beta test of this game and i so want to get trophy Valkyrie, is it possible??
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