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  1. Hi I cant invite people to play with me, it started to happen only on x64, so i kept playing on x32, but now, it also happens there. i tried the repair install option on both clients. Also people can still invite me and i can play with them, and only after that, it allows me to invite people
  2. Hi! I started a silver game with 2 people disconnected, no rmk, so we just have to wait till their time ends, a third disconnects, the time comes and the game says we can disconnect with no problems, i do, but the stats did go down. the game lasted almost 6 minutes. i dont know if you can give me my stats back but that would be nice. https://subefotos.com/ver/?4b9d54f26ae22f6727a36eb45f45f30co.png On a side note: the game before this one i also had 2 dis and the other team had 1 dis. i didnt see the game messagge that allowed me to leave, was there none? if not, could that be ch
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