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  1. He might not have infinite mana, but he's got more than enough. It takes like several hundred mana to get to the FA, and then several hundred to get out. Meanwhile he can have, like, 2000 mana at level 16 and regenerate mana at 30/s. So he's got more than enough to get in and get out. Remember he doesn't have to ult the full distance, even moving just 700 distance means FA can no longer hit him. There is no such thing as "playing in dangerous positions" against a DR because he's capable of moving next to you regardless of where you are. No matter where you stand, it is dangerous. Oh
  2. - Make Valkyrie ultimate affect her creeps too. - Make TP also teleport her creeps. (Or give her creeps an activated ability to teleport to her, ala Booboo.)
  3. Per title. If Circe ults an enemy hero and then gets hit by a tower, she is not warned (no red circle AoE).
  4. Of course, it can't, not since the recipe was added.
  5. Per title, it doesn't say in the tooltip how long the duration is.
  6. By the way you might want to disable these mechanics if the number of players in the game is unbalanced, e.g. in a 4v5 game, the side with four players should not be penalised for turtling as much, if at all.
  7. Although it's a fair point that making turtling harder also makes comebacks less likely, let's not have selective memory here. Ask most MW players what they feel about the tower change and they'll probably say something to the tune of "it hasn't had much impact". The biggest impact happens when the 2nd tower goes down, but if the 2nd tower goes down turtling is impossible (or at least much less effective) anyway. The difference when the first tower goes down is insignificant in a typical game (it's a little more noticeable but still quite negligible when one side is turtling hard). Furthe
  8. DR is bull****. I hate the hero so much, even in MW. I suppose he wouldn't be so ridiculous if he could not buy Nullstone/Shrunken Head, but of course he can, and then some heroes just have literally no way to fight him anymore. Like, say you're Forsaken Archer and that guy ults next to you. What are you supposed to do, press Shrunken? He ults away, waits out your Shrunken, then comes back. You are realistically not hitting your Q on him either. So fun. Here's another idea to solve the issues with DR: make his ult cooldown dependent on the distance travelled. Up to, say, 600 distance it c
  9. It's definitely not a draft problem, but a player playstyle problem. Don't believe me - watch the game. Remember, both teams have initiators. OT: could also try something like, if one team has X more towers than the other team, then Merrick's rune provides Y times as much gold for that team. Maybe also make it so that if you are up towers, Merrick's rune is automatically counted as picked up by your team as well if not picked up normally - this would make it less punishing to push against a team that's hugging the T2 tower, since you no longer lose out on Merrick's.
  10. Wouldn't say it's silly, but buffing Flint and nerfing Arachna that way makes no sense to me, since Flint was already not bad in FoC and Arachna wasn't OP either.
  11. Lol, love this post for its ignorance. Tip: check the other screenshots, and check the lineups carefully while you're at it. Also, FYI, there is such a thing as queuing into a 5q. First thread I made about this, I didn't 5q. Besides, you're claiming 5qs aren't "playing the game". /shrug.
  12. Unless I did something stupidly wrong, my first impressions was right and Adrenaline is hilariously useless. So many things combine to make him terrible: - He's melee agility, with an ult that forces him to fight face-to-face with opponents. - He doesn't do damage. Imagine trapping an enemy hero and fighting them for five seconds, only to find that they kill you, not vice versa. - The first point would mean he needs Shrunken Head to survive, but that's another 3900g item when he's already dangerously short on damage ... - He actually needs PK to land his ult, unless he uses his W to
  13. I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding here. I am not saying that those things will work. They might not. They need to be playtested. If they don't work then they are well-intentioned but ultimately bad changes not unlike some of the other changes you have made (such as the "new" map). It is certainly possible any such change will make the losing side lose worse and therefore turn games one sided. Or they might not. One needs to play to know. By "Balance the creep movespeed so that they always meet in the center" I mean make it so that if the creeps are currently fighting away fr
  14. Presumably those art pieces were drawn by fans and this is a way to reward them. I don't mind, and I suspect some people like them as well. Besides: even if we agree little girls like those art pieces (sounds like stereotyping to me), little girls can be gamers, too.
  15. Here's another fun screenshot because all Legion has to do is buy a Tablet, right? Beware! Pyromancer has Tablet of Command! We must hug the tower more!
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