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  1. I don't have any particular suggestion, which is why this thread is here. If others are encountering the issue and think it's a problem, and they have an idea how to fix it, they could suggest it and I'll post it to the suggestion forums. A fix to AFK detection would be nice and a human would be able to detect AFK pretty damn well, but I don't know how to do code that into a non-neural network program.
  2. Geo is not good - he doesn't do much damage, doesn't scale, his stun puts him in dangerous positions that he can't expect to survive. You could make an argument he deserves to be rated the same as Magmus (the hero most similar to him), but Mag is more effective before PK, has a better ultimate and also the better base stat (at least he can get Daemonic/Heart in the late-game and be a passable tank). I might edit the tier list to have more tiers later.
  3. Nice to see the change in the spawn location for Merrick's rune, but: 1) Can you make it invulnerable? 2) Can you make the throne regenerate faster? It's still very anticlimatic to win by chipping away at the throne, as opposed to winning a teamfight first.
  4. Most 4v5 games are won by the side with 5 players. You can try to claim it's 100% fact that the reverse is true, but you'd be wrong. Don't believe me, find some buddies and try playing 4v5 against me. Games never end in 10 seconds. Creeps wouldn't even have spawned then. If you mean 10 minutes then it happens much more often, at least when I am group queuing. My games don't usually drag on forever either, because I will end the game if I'm winning and not defend if it's clear the opponents are refusing to end. I tell how good my opponents are based on their MMR. You might say it's sad and not illustrative or whatever, fact remains that 1900s are significantly better than 1700s on average. For example there are 1700 players who don't start with Battery (??) while I don't see that at 1900 level, etc. If I queue into five 1700s I don't have to pick very hard to win because the skill advantage is substantial. It's a lot less substantial at 1900 level. PK is good on Witch Slayer. That's not to say that you should always get it, but it's often the case that PK is a lifesaver (e.g. if there's a hero like Flint/Artillery doing glass build) and can force them to play differently even without being used. I suspect you are simply not aware of what the item is doing, because it's something you need to know what to look for in order to see its effects. If you're making 40 kills with Magebane in MW, you deserve to be 1350 MMR, because that it's not something that will ever happen at high level. (This doesn't mean Magebane is unplayable at high level, but he will not be scoring 40 kills.)
  5. Made my own tier list. It's based on the previous patch - I don't have enough games in the current one yet. The list is not perfect, e.g. head-to-head Qi is probably better than Legionnaire. But Qi is in the same bracket as Legionnaire because he is competing against heroes such as Riftwalker and Plague Rider in the tier above, and those are clearly better in the same role. In the same way, it's not that Ichor is average, but he's competing with Pearl/Rhapsody/Nymphora in the tier above, and he's clearly inferior to those. Not sure yet if post-patch Nitro is underrated, but in the previous patch she was just terrible. It's a bit unfortunate that Swiftblade and Scout are in the same tier since Swiftblade is clearly better, but similar to the other heroes mentioned above, Swiftblade is not competing with MQ, Valkyrie, etc in the tier above. Maybe the solution is to add more tiers. Looking quickly at the tier list now a few heroes might be misplaced: - Shadowblade. This hero is still quite good, but he did lose a fair amount of damage & tankiness so maybe he's better in the next tier. - Gemini. This hero has been underperforming for a while. Maybe he belongs in the next tier, although he is better than Sand Wraith / TDL / Swiftblade. - Moira. Major, major problem with Moira is that she does not scale. It is possible she belongs in the next tier as a result. She is still decently effective for a good part of the game though, and since she's item-independent (after PK), she can adapt her items to beat whatever the opponents have, plus she can get Master's Legacy as well. - Drunken Master. I know some good players who were really fond of Drunken Master last patch. I can't in good conscience rate him higher however, because he doesn't have AoE or a strong AoE ultimate. It's possible to draft around these things, but one would rather not have to worry about it in the first place. - Artillery is really polarizing. His very presence forces the opposing team to pick/play differently. However, he has problems: he needs mana, which means his carry items are delayed; further, none of the carry items really work well on him (except Doombringer but that comes with obvious drawbacks). Head to head he will lose a carry war against most other carries, and if one's team starts losing, one cannot count on Artillery to get the game back to even. But he is very polarizing. Playing against Artillery can be very difficult if you don't have the right heroes and/or the players with the right heroes refuse to get PK. I think the weaknesses are why he's not in the top tier. - Chronos is certainly better than the win rate statistic indicates, but you need to play around his ultimate. - DR might be slightly overrated relative to his competition in the tier, but only slightly, since he's clearly better than his competition in the tier below. - Sapphire might be slightly overrated too, she's better than Bushwack/Arachna but not by much. - Calamity might be slightly underrated. Main problem with her is that she's inferior head-to-head carry in the late-game, but she is very effective early.
  6. Since nobody reads the Garena forum, plus since it's something that is not intrinsic to Garena and can be attacked by game changes (the same way the game polices people who AFK and/or leave) I am reposting this here.
  7. Let's see how many people actually read this.
  8. These people are some of the worst in TMM, and please don't say "report it" because as everyone knows there are no GMs on Garena.
  9. You're wrong. I pick heroes appropriate to win the game. If opponents are good, and/or I can't tell if my teammates are good, I will (usually) pick a good hero. Hence I have games with Deadwood, Warchief and yes, Bushwack (in that game I 3q'ed against what weren't very good players, then one of the people I queued with went Codex first on Witch Slayer, and one of the two pubs left at the start; won anyway). I'll also point out that my games end a lot faster than yours on average. Two of the games in that screenshot ended in less than 10 minutes. None of yours did. Your last sentence doesn't make sense.
  10. No you've not answered the points raised. Which other hero can do this? Seriously, answer it. Which other hero can score a kill at 2 minutes in with a Solstice gank, survive a 1v2 gank, dive towers and kill opponents at full HP, and do it again and again? I've already repeatedly said that Pebbles is the only hero who can do all this without using ultimate, which is a big deal. You simply cannot snowball like this with a hero like Succubus, Wretched Hag or Deadwood. You cannot dominate the 10-15 minute phase with a hero like Succubus, Wretched Hag or Deadwood. It's just plain not possible. You can say "but you can dual lane against him", except 1) dual mid is extraordinarily rare even in high tier TMM, it only shows up in captain's pick, and 2) if you do get dualed against, the best hero to 1v2 with is a melee strength hero, which Pebbles is. You can keep saying "I'm not convinced Pebbles isn't overpowered", but at this point I'm almost certain that nothing will convince you. If you don't agree with that, spell it out: what does it take to convince you that Pebbles is overpowered?
  11. Watch this stream about 4:30:00 in. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/744394370 We got Pebbles vs. Parallax lane. Parallax doesn't play badly - he harassed Pebbles to half health in two minutes (but note Pebbles had no regen items, so the idea that he's easily bullied from the lane is bogus). Then Solstice gets an invisibility rune and Parallax dies from almost full HP, in spite of being a hero with escape mechanisms, because Pebbles just does so much damage. One could argue that Parallax played badly, after all he didn't have vision of Solstice or the rune. Fine. But now Parallax is losing the lane, so what do you do when you are losing the lane? You help your mid player, either by taking runes or ganking. Note Vindi attempts this, first by taking the rune, and then by ganking. Then watch Pebbles get a clean double kill 1v2 because he's just so tanky and his nuke cools down quickly. Ok so both Parallax and Vindi played badly. What do you do now? Well you play safe and hope to recover, except you can't, because at level 6 Pebbles dives into the tower and kills Parallax again from full health, at long range, in front of a creep wave, and still has several hundred HP left. And then he does it again at level 7. So now it's clearly dire for Hellbourne and Deadwood comes to help too, except he gets dived in the tower as well and dies from full health (and without missing skills). Then next you see Pebbles tank everything and before you know it he has 9 kills in 7 minutes. Name another hero that can do this. You'll have a hard time simply because no other hero can do so much damage without using ultimate. Maaaaybe Chipper can, but Chipper would not have survived the 2v1 gank. The game is more or less over at this point because Pebbles will constantly gank around the map, without having to wait for cooldowns, and nobody on the Hellbourne team can survive the combo. Bear in mind as well that Parallax knows what he's doing. He has 82% win rate. That must be the reason he's soloing instead of Deadwood. Tell me why you think Hellbourne lost. To my mind the only viable explanation is that Solstice got an invisibility rune at 2 minutes, which is just ridiculous, because it means the other four Hellbourne players made no relevant decisions and the game was over once Pebbles got the first kill. Hero is busted, there's a reason why I ban him every game unless teammates say they want to pick him.
  12. You're not the only one. When that happens Ctrl + F8 login again.
  13. Sorais


    Hellflower doesn't stop opponent's teammates from using Tablet on the hero you go on (or on you, for that matter). Chronos is a bit different - you cannot move in Chronos ult, which means opponent using Tablet could easily push them in the "wrong" direction. That, plus the fact that Chronos ult is simply bigger. Tablet on Chronos isn't a big deal because he'll just run back and hit the hero he's focusing, but Tablet on Pharaoh mostly neutralizes him.
  14. Pebbles is so overpowered I have no idea why he hasn't been nerfed yet, just watched this game where he had like 13 kills in 11 minutes. One could easily say "yeah anyone can snowball like that", except it's so difficult to imagine Deadwood, Succubus, Wretched Hag, etc getting 13 kills in 11 minutes because they're all ult dependent. Pebbles gets to snowball hard, is difficult to kill, can nuke creep waves to push/farm later in the game, etc, and he's somehow not overpowered. Yeah ...
  15. Looks pretty good in general although I will say you're overrating carries - in S tier you only have one non-carry, and you have many carries ranked too highly (e.g. Silhouette). Otherwise, some quick notes: - Generally not a fan of Slither. He's not bad, he's just not very good either and lacks up-front damage (which is especially important because you can expect to play against a lot of Power Supplies in MW, not to mention Astrolabe, Barrier Idol and possibly an enemy healer). - Magebane and Oogie are extremely overrated in your list, both of them are B at best. Magebane might even be C. - Solstice is bad. Hero needs to frontline because that's her role, but she also needs to backline because of her ultimate. She's inconsistent and not good at a result. - You underestimate Flux - the hero is very dangerous with AoE teammates. He might not be that good standalone (although he's still threatening against heroes such as Artillery, simply by pulling them out of position), but he's a great enabler.
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