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  1. You know one thing I really hate? When people know something that others don't, and flaunt it. "Guess what my age is! I'm not telling you!" "I know what's in the next patch notes. Guess what's in them, I'll give you cryptic hints!" "I also know what Pebbles' win rate is, it's lower than you think, but I'm not telling you what it is!" I know you know what the real stats are. If you don't want to share them then please do NOT bring up stats. I will not respond to any further guessing games.
  2. 1) Who is Dutchownage and why should I care what he says about the item? 2) Are you saying Sacrificial Stone is only worth buying if you have a teammate getting Astrolabe? If yes - what makes you think that makes the item "balanced"? 3) "players in this game hate wasting value from items they have picked up" Did mid players on the international client stop buying Bottle, which doesn't upgrade to anything? Also it's fairly common on Garena to buy Battery and do not upgrade it to Power Supply, let alone to Sac Stone. 4) In the early game, there's nothing wrong with using two item
  3. What does it take to get some GMs on Garena? Queuing into blatant stats manipulators like these two people is frustrating as hell. These guys have no chance of not being banned on the international client, yet on Garena you get to lose to them again and again and again because there are no GMs. I actually wrote to Garena to try to get the griefer alluded to in the OP banned as well, and not only is he not banned he's playing 2+ games a day.
  4. That's because you nerfed Pebbles. And DR is still at 55% win rate with Silhouette not far behind. If they are more "bearable" it's because you gave everyone four bans, and I've been banning Peb/DR/Silh every single game. Pebbles is not so broken these days and there's an argument to not ban him, but I do not ever want to play against DR/Silh.
  5. Uh, there's 9 more minutes on the replay, the game is clearly not over.
  6. Very brief comment since I'm short on time. Sacrificial Stone has serious issues. That's because first, there are only a few heroes who will want it, since only a few heroes can heal in the first place. Let's list them: Soul Reaper Rhapsody Nymphora Jeraziah Accursed Artesia Monarch Pearl Demented Shaman Voodoo Jester Warchief Skrap Prophet (probably not but hey) Midas (even less than Prophet but hey) Ophelia (???) Now which of these heroes would actually want a Sacrificial Stone over Astrolabe? The latter item is only a couple hundred gold more expensive,
  7. Assuming the description in this thread is correct: How exactly do assists work? - Archives - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com) Then something is wrong with how assists work. See screenshots. Shadowblade jumps Witch Slayer. He is obviously responsible for most of the damage - nobody else is close. But MoA gets the last hit, and he is credited with a solo kill.
  8. Not sure if feature or bug, but if it's a feature, it's a design issue since the bird is hard to stop, is cheap to summon, and can fly over trees.
  9. Right now there's a lot of "map" outside the standard which you cannot normally get to without special skills. This is bad because: - If you have the special skills you can move there and others cannot chase you. _ It's especially silly if you have the special skills that let you actually move there (many other special skills let you get into the zone, but not actually move in it). - You can also hit the neutral camp and they can't hit you back. I say remove all of it because it serves no positive purpose.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how assists work but cannot find information on it: - What qualifies as granting assists? - How much gold is gained from assists? - What if nobody assists? - Is there a limit to how many heroes can assist? - Why is it that Ring of the Teacher appears to sometimes grants assists, and sometimes does not? https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Gold#Assists There is a Wikia page on it, but it hasn't been updated for years and doesn't give any information about auras.
  11. Can I suggest implementing this feature then (one can also remove all the modes that nobody plays, like "no agility heroes", although at this point I don't think many people are playing public games anyway). Blitz does not work because it adds attack speed and such. Neither does vanilla practice mode, because one cannot micro two heroes properly in practice mode.
  12. There's something I want to test, but it takes two players. Is there a way to get two players into a practice mode game (so they can spawn all items, tweak their levels and gold etc)?
  13. Umm "I need some special report detailing when they are AFK, or is the in-game report sufficient?" <--
  14. I just played this game where two players AFKed repeatedly for brief periods - probably less than a minute at a time. They did it many times over the match and contributed to losing. Is this reportable? If yes do I need some special report detailing when they are AFK, or is the in-game report sufficient?
  15. Sorais


    Sure, but that crosses the line from "playing badly" to "actively griefing". Point remains: it is easier to cover for bad teammates in MW than in FoC. And I lost a FoC game recently where my teammate bought all the wards and blocked all our neutral camps, which is not a kind of griefing possible in MW.
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