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  1. Looks pretty nonsense per OP, if it is working as intended I would say the intention is not good. It's not really possible to time Qi's ultimate - it's already unreliable to land. What current design does is that it's usually not good and occasionally will do things like in the video in the OP. It's sort of like Valk arrow traveling 7k range. One could argue it "promotes skilled play" except landing an arrow at 7k range is almost completely luck not skill, so the change effectively does nothing except occasionally do video-worthy things. "This is not to mention that we never had a hard co
  2. Activate Void to evade LRM -> Mortar Shot lands on you -> still can't PK.
  3. I just solo queued for 18 minutes. I did eventually find a game, and it's obvious why the queue took so long: my MMR was like 150 points above everyone else. In other words, the current algorithm is working fine, and this 18-minute queue is an "intended" effect. But I hope it's obvious that 18 minute queue times is too long. This kind of queue time makes people smurf, especially since the resulting games while smurfing are roughly the same quality anyway. Please implement a hard cap on MMR at, say, 90-95th percentile of all players, after which they are all treated the same by the matchma
  4. Read my 2nd post carefully and tell me where the MW relation is. Then read my 3rd post again, specifically the first sentence of the paragraph that mentions MW. Void stops Artillery from killing you, but it does not let you kill him. It's not a full-blown "counter". If you want to kill him you still need your gap closers and PKs and whatnot and at that point Void doesn't do anything. Items that stop him from killing you is helpful, but be careful to distinguish between what helps you win the game and what helps you lose a little slower. Void does not allow you to play around Fli
  5. Don't know if this is the place to put it, but: https://imgur.com/zN7YPNV FYI.
  6. Circe needs to be able to spam her illusions, that's kind of the point of the hero. If she cannot spam illusions there's like, no reason to pick her; conversely it is (used to be?) possible to distinguish between the skill level of the Circe player based on how many illusions they have on the map at any time. We will see how substantial the nerf is. I personally predict it is substantial if she needs more than Ring of Sorcery to upkeep her illusions on the map, not that important otherwise.
  7. Are you being serious? Predator/Shadowblade gap closers are 600-650 range. That's almost the same attack range as many ranged heroes. If you can hit them, they can jump you. Conversely, if they can jump you, that's because you are able to attack them. Don't mention oppressive. What would be oppressive is if their gap closers are 1000 range. Also even if they jump you, you can still get away, thanks to items like Tablet & Sand Scepter. Veiled Rot is not equivalent, it has 1000 dispel range, and you still need a way to gap close afterwards. Void Talisman stops Artillery from killing you
  8. Considering that Garena has significantly more players than international (and therefore most probably higher revenue), you might want to care.
  9. Newsflash, I play FoC too, and FYI I play against Artillery/Flint more in FoC than in MW, simply because they're banned so often in MW. What do you mean range is not the issue. If you're playing a hero like Predator/Shadowblade you literally cannot jump Flint because he outranges your jump. Artillery further outranges PK. The uber range means you cannot run away from these heroes, once you go you are committed. Plus you better hope you kill them because if you don't, they can continue to do damage safely while you don't have gap closers anymore. Range is oppressive. Did you try pl
  10. First impressions: - Soon to be glorious LOLPHELIA. Hero was already below average, gets hit with more nerfs. Creeps were already slower than most heroes, now they're even slower. It's like forcing her to get Energizer, except she also needs Ring of Sorcery & Astrolabe & Staff of the Master. So yeah. Ability to Command more creeps is "nice", but it's not like most of the creeps that become viable are actually worth Commanding. Only exception is the Wolf Commander. - Hate the Circe change, her illusions are what makes her special and not being able to spam them is very bad for
  11. No idea what causes this but the basic issue is that when you load into the lobby, Adrenaline is an agility hero, and the game is immediately unplayable. Here's a match ID: 644925518
  12. You realize 1) nobody reads the Garena forum 2) Garena isn't balanced separately, so to get any changes done one needs to post on the international forums and 3) if you're on SEA you can't even post on the Garena forum because it's IP blocked, right? Also lol Ophelia 52% win rate. I'd be surprised if her win rate is anywhere near that level in the upper brackets on Garena, because she's not good. Playable, but not good.
  13. Explain your reasoning, because I don't see how you came to these conclusions from OP. Also did you play DotA when Blink Dagger (aka Portal Key) didn't go on cooldown when you took hero damage?
  14. What's happening here is that you're playing an unbalanced format. That's what MW has always been, there are god tier heroes and there are others who are plain not viable. Things got worse recently because the balance changes for FoC have been detrimental to MW. As a result the god tier heroes got even more god tier, and everyone else is left behind. The Flint buff is the best example of this. I could look past the impact if there were a legitimate benefit for FoC, but I see no reason to buff Flint (and nerf Arachna) in FoC. Like, post-buff Flint has 53% win rate, and post-nerf Arachna ha
  15. High attack/cast range is a silly thing that should just be removed entirely. Basically once opponent has these things, it is very frustrating to play against them, because you either use your gap closers on them, or they will kill you. You cannot TDL E your opponent's Shadowblade for example if they have an Artillery/Flint; you will never be able to hit them afterwards and they will kill you. Plus you can't run from them very well, because they will still kill you. And don't mention how retarded it is to have Blacksmith walk up and fish for multicasts with his Q, backing off if he doesn't get
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