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  1. How about making it so that stats reset can set your MMR to any number from 1500 to the current MMR? This makes it so that you can drop rating (to find games faster), but not go all the way to 1500 where the games might not be enjoyable. Of course, implementing a cap on MMR would be even better.
  2. Apparently the servers are down and have been down for several hours; everyone I know is playing public games.
  3. As I wrote in the second paragraph: "Only ranking the above average heroes because for some reason the Tier List Maker website does not allow me to add more tiers." Apex/Adrenaline/Goldenveil/Xemplar etc are all below average. Tarot icon is the one that's available on Tier List Maker. If you want the newer icon feel free to update the tier list maker icons. @Mr`Cactus thanks, will correct.
  4. Caveat, this is a one-person effort by me, so the list is very vulnerable to my biases. I only see what happens in my own games, and it's also been a really long time since I played a MW tournament game. Only ranking the above average heroes because for some reason the Tier List Maker website does not allow me to add more tiers. I'm sure it used to allow me to do this, so it must be a recent bug. Heroes are not sorted within tiers, although I've made an effort to put similar heroes together. Thoughts: 1. As long as Flux is supported with AoE ultimates, I think the hero is
  5. Heh, one wonders how Garena's stock price keeps going up when they treat their players so badly.
  6. Eh, if this is implemented and you want to group queue, don't stats reset. If you implement something naive like "you need to play X games before you can play TMM", my money is on there being game farms like this.
  7. Example screenshot: Which heroes are the illusions in the river?
  8. Ambivalent - you could try it but I doubt too much will change. Maybe people will walk forwards to get last hits, but it'll always be dangerous, and some players won't do it anyway. It could also make certain heroes like Gladiator much stronger (and Accursed/Prisoner/Devo are all melee). If the game mode is implemented I'll give it a try but I strongly suspect I'll soon go back to playing the "normal" mode.
  9. Smurfing sucks, especially since it feels like it's actively dissuading me from group queuing because once I do I will run into smurfs. Ideas: 1. If you stats reset, you cannot group queue until X number of games played. 2. Even better, you cannot group queue until Y minutes of games played. No joining and leaving and manipulating stats. 3. Even better, you cannot group queue until your stats (win rate, KD, GPM, etc) are not anomalously high or low relative to the other players in the games you've played. Finally, and very importantly, fix the queue time. That is a big reaso
  10. You're discovering that MQ is not a "strong carry" in the sense that she beats other carries 1v1. In fact she is pretty bad. Her advantages are her ultimate (with which she can join teamfights early and be useful), her ability to initiate for gankers (via her Q), and her natural farming ability. It's not surprising that Ravenor wins a straight up 1v1 (he didn't even have Brutalizer). Your counters to the "I can't 1v1 the Ravenor" problem are: - Kite the Ravenor, using the likes of Genjuro, until his Shrunken expires, then stun him and kill him. - As an extension to the above, Geom
  11. These days I'm banning Flux every game. Vindi helps but is not a full-fledged counter because he will also be pulled by Flux, and quite possibly stunned before he can ult (his ultimate also takes longer to cool down than Flux's). You didn't mention Pearl, who also goes some way to helping after PK but is also not a full-fledged counter because heroes in Pearl ultimate can still be stunned even if they don't take much damage. But all that is kind of missing the point, which is: I wonder if international players are seeing the same phenomenon. I have not been 5qing so I don't have f
  12. The idea is that you pick some very powerful AoE ultimates and then hug tower until you want to fight. This could be, e.g., when you have BKBs, have ultimates, and so on. Example lineup: Flux, Accursed, MoA, Hellbringer, Behemoth Against this the enemy team have several options: - Attempt to farm neutrals. Problem with this is that the neutral camp is now virtually unfarmable without multiple heroes, and it's not like you don't have initiation. If they split up to farm the neutrals, you initiate on them and kill them. There are only two heroes that can kill neutrals early enough to b
  13. It seems if your ultimate is on cooldown when you buy a staff that reduces the skill's cooldown, the tooltip on the recharge does not update. Tested with MQ level 1 ult, which still shows 160s cooldown.
  14. Make it two tabs, and add a way to search by hero while you're at it. Unless you don't want people to know what the normal mode stats in Garena are, of course.
  15. I dislike the range changes, it makes the affected heroes quite jarring and goes against years of experience with said heroes, e.g. when trying to autoattack creeps during laning. In my case it felt quite weird to play Defiler / Pyromancer. Aside from that the current patch is OK. There are no majorly overpowered heroes, lots of underpowered ones (and items, literally nobody is getting Sacrificial Stone / Faux Bow right now), but that's not a critical problem.
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