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  1. Well if EU wants me to stop spamming, I can do that too. Hell I'd rather do that, since it means I don't have to check this forum every day. 11 July 2020: problem not fixed.
  2. It doesn't work that way. If you go with multiple heroes, opponents can dive the rest of your now-grossly-outnumbered team and kill them. 5v3 is much steeper odds than 5v4. @VaYha Dragon provides like 1000 gold. That's not a lot. In fact my memory of playing with Dragon Kongor is that you just go directly to the dragon at the start of every game and spam on the chest. You will undoubtedly die, but whatever. Then after the chest is drained it becomes a normal game again. It's not a very effective way to stallbreak, and if it did become an effective way to stallbreak (e.g. via respawning chests) it would no longer be Mid Wars, unless there is some "this only happens if it has been X minutes since the last kill" stipulation.
  3. Do you think there's a realistic chance EU will implement these changes? I don't think this is a good idea. It makes the neutral camp not clearable early in the game, and that's when stalling is at its most effective. Dragon is cute, but its supply of gold is limited and once it runs out things can easily go back to stalling.
  4. How do you propose to stallbreak if there is no neutral camp?
  5. Yes, and only one camp. Yes primarily because it helps stallbreak. Other benefits should be quite small, Ophelia/Parasite etc are not likely to become good with ancients anyway. Two camps has serious problems, which is that they promote turtling while stacking camps. We saw that quite a bit on the "new" map (the one now removed). For the same reason the ancient camp should be contestable for both teams.
  6. Here's a list then, there might be more: Artillery ultimate (this description also says "enemy hero" when it can target enemy non-heroes) Nitro Scout Witch Slayer Pyromancer (non-SotM only) Panda Rampage Blood Hunter (non-SotM only) Arachna (non-SotM only) Flint (non-SotM only) Gauntlet Sheepstick Codex Hellflower
  7. You realize that 1) this is the SEA Subforum and 2) the GMs at rap.heroesofnewerth.com don't have jurisdiction over SEA? Griefers have been a problem on the SEA client for a long time, not least because there's no way to actually get them banned. See how long it took to ban people who were blatantly DDOSing the servers, for example. So take your scorn somewhere else.
  8. 4 July 2020: issue not fixed.
  9. 2 July 2020: issue not fixed.
  10. 1 July 2020: issue not fixed.
  11. 30 June 2020: issue not fixed.
  12. Not every hero has abilities that grant temporary vision - and even among those that do, not every one has an ability that lasts long enough to kill the ward. So yeah, I dislike it. Also Nitro is hilariously useless lol. She's supposed to be a carry, yet the only ability that helps her carry is her ultimate and it's not even a good ultimate since it relies on her being able to attack. There's another carry with an ultimate that doubles as a nuke, aka. Puppet Master, and that one is way better than Nitro ultimate. I don't understand her Q which does like no damage even if people walk over them, her W is OK but by pushing the enemy away she's also making it harder for her to DPS, and her E is just not very useful at all in a fight. I picked her once in MW and have absolutely no intention of doing it again.
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