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  1. bro who are u actualy ? i though you are opps1999 but you are not...
  2. im playing on a different account, usw is 190ms for me.
  3. Remove Garena HoN and make sea hon join intl hon please. Sea HoN is dying , everyday players quitting and they dont give a shit.
  4. how to use MOD to check +-mmr in game? can anyone tell me where to download and how to do that step by step thx very much.
  5. RadioLove

    Casual mode

    i hope garena dont have casual rank , so we will hafe more normal players.
  6. pls we need sea forum , garena closed the forum, we got no way to contact them.
  7. we cant play on thailand server , its locked you need vpn to unlock . very few players know how to do that and its laggy . every day people quitting duo to long time que and i have seen a lot of players complain about this. just hope someone can pass the message to gaerena , we need more servers.
  8. its so hard to find game at night becoz no server to play. we got 1 server on singapore , sometimes the number is just 0 and that make us cant find a game. look at thailand server they have 142 responses and we have only 1 on SG. its unfair . all singapore indonesia malaysia philippines vietnam players play on SG, its 5 country players and plus some players from china and australia newzeland etc that is obviously not enough servers. Garena can u pls add more sg server.
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