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  1. taking the lobby times and remakes into account i guess im also close to a year (+avg lenght was mostly more than 30min) i just played my last game with a friend. i recorded it for the memory. and like so often: we lost and the moral of our team was broken but i still really enjoyed it, knowing its the last game of hon i will probably ever play. I hon.
  2. I just wanna say: thank u HoN. Thank you Frostburn (especially elementuser for your great effort!) and thanks to all of u in the community. we had a great time. i could cry irl that this is the end. havent been playing as much hon as i used to. i got older, got married and a kid. i see the end of hon as the end of my young adult time. it was a great time. love u all! ps: some part of me still has hope that hon somehow gets back! edit: btw i just combined the number of all matches of my sub accounts and got a total of 9564 matches + some hundred games back in
  3. This is Huge! installing right now! great work so far and thx for the effort
  4. I swear i had an alt for flux wasn't there some kind of avatar exchange or something like this a few years ago? maybe i swaped him? is there a way to see the history of my alt avatars? i have like 340 alts but no flux alt... guess im just forgetful
  5. Hi people of Newerth! Is there a way to lose an avatar? I'm pretty sure I had Iron flux back then, but now he is gone? Is there a way to lose an alt? Or is my brain just malfunctioning? greetings from berlin
  6. Grimms Crossing was such a good map. Even the older maps (back in the days when there was no MM) for 5on5 were great. i love them. but sadly no1 plays them anymore
  7. Im curious if the winrate of 4v5 is higher than nitros winrate Can someone give me the winrate for a 4v5 game? ?
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