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  1. I think Garena uses HoN hero skins in some mobile moba game(s), thats why they dont wanto to/cant sell HoN.
  2. Hello, somebody make hotfix for linux client
  3. Hello, can I ask you, does this appimage works for you after last update? I cant connect to any server, when it finds match or i want to mentor somebody it sais "no response"
  4. Hello, forgot to reply. It actually helped, it was hidden under map (i have enabled map swap). Thank every one for help. Be the force with you.
  5. This is little bit problem, as Im linux user
  6. Hello, Im not sure, this installation is pretty old and I used some mods many years ago, but I cant find any mod manager, to check if there is something installed Thank you for your reply, unfortunatelly my resolution is properly set, so I wasnt able to fix my issue this way :))
  7. Yes, exactly. It disapeared like year or two ago, I though it was some wtf change, but few days ago I was watching somebody on twitch and I saw, he still can see it.. But I cant for some reason
  8. No, if im correct this are my heroes buffs and debuffs, I mean any other selected unit buffs and debuffs, it used to be shown abow the clicked unit detail. it should start at specific time (10:42), on bottom right corner there is selected hero detail and abov it are heroes buffs and debuffs.
  9. Hello, thank you for your reply, i have all of this enabled, but I can see only my (de)buffs, not (de)buffs of selected hero, like enemy or ally hero. This could be a bug, but I hope it is just wrong configuration Cheers, Huho
  10. Hello, I tried to find any option in settings which enables/disables buffs and debuffs widget (or how to call it) when I click on other hero, but I cant find it. Can anyone advise me, please? Cheers, Huho
  11. Hello, as Im not able to start the original Linux client because of some lib incompatibility.. is there way how to update the game using ur appImage? I happily started the game, pressed "update", hon closed but the update dialog havent appeared. Edit: sorry, it actually updated the game and started it again, there just wasnt any updating dialog :))
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