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  1. Very insteresting thought aswell, I wouldn't mind this at all.
  2. I agree, he shouldn't get online early, considering his kit it would be too strong, not enjoyable for anyone to be honest. Perhaps there are other ways to make him have a better survivability kit, to allow him to lane and sustain himself better without becoming overpowered in lane, goal should be to make him viable in more games without making him broken. IN short like any other carry, plus and cons that balance the hero, instead of too many cons =/
  3. I agree with this, each hero has their own. If anything the only thing that should change is a buff that doesn't change the hero uniqueness or nothing at all.
  4. I agree that certain heroes are below win rate due to their difficult kit, but never should they be below win rate due to being flawed in design, that is a bad mistake from those who designed it and one of the reason why reworks or tweaks are made. It's most carry heroes playstyle that's what I said in short. Sure he's slippery if you compare him with no one, but we're talking about balance and changes and when that happens you compare heroes and come up with ideas, I'm only suggesting that, probably there are better options but his main concern is survivility early mid game, that sh
  5. I like the idea of the "Weakened Mind" but to be fair, magebane is fairly strong lategame, and this spell would most likely buff his late game, which is not a problem, due to magebane rarely getting to magebane as magebane loses the game during mid game most of the times. "How about the fact the ElementUser himself said some heroes are ok to have lower winrates. Any hero can be viable if you buff the numbers enough, but we don't do that, mostly" +In fact, heroes have been buffed in dumb ways to make them be picked which I consider not to be the correct approach but that's fact
  6. I'm very confused about your post, if possible please explain how magebane is frustrating to play against? or how it would become frustrating to play against if he had a shield that would depend entirely on player skill to be useful? I don't believe putting any hero below the winrate curve is intentional, it simply happens due to balance, every X amount of time, balance occurs to change the meta of the game, having the same meta all the time can become boring. The point of reworking heroes is to innovate or fix mechanics that are currently not useful in the meta and can't become usef
  7. This post is about magebane but your point is understandable, thought Magebane is probably the weakest hard carry in the game, due to it being a only Late Game hero, when HoN games usually don't get there or if they do get there the mid game and early game are too difficult for magebane to even be considered a possibility. Other than that, the thing is, magebane shield would be much harder to use than nomad or moraxus shield, you can still be sheeped, stunned, etc. But it gives him the extra kit to survive if you're skilled enough to use it in time while still being a carry with very low
  8. I agree completly, if anything, nomad should get his ultimate changed and not have that be a reason for magebane not to have such an ability. It shouldn't be too complicated as negation effect currently exists on nomad ultimate, but perhaps an early iteration if the script happens to be impossible or too difficult to make, could be giving him a Spell Negation (simliar to what nullstone does) but for any spell, would make magebane suitable for many lineups, and a bit easier to lane early game and survive mid game, while still relying on your reflexes to use the spell in time
  9. +++++ I completly agree current Antimage shield is way better than hon's which would make the hero more viable, other than that, hero is still decently good against certain heroes, just like in DotA, you don't pick antimage every game, just like you don't pick magebane every game in HoN, no hero should be made so that you can pick it every game and do well.
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