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  1. Ok, this hero turned out to be differ I've seen it in the first games. It based on making permanent damage, moving and mb absorbing dmg. I thought he had good dmg increase from str+(for 1st skill) and became a good auto attacker in the late but no. so my minds about top items are shity
  2. How delete the topic? only possible for md?
  3. Thanks a lot for detailed response
  4. Hello! some talks about adrenaline... I don't quite understand his role in the team. I see it's completely based on early ganges and positioning and synergy with team skills in the late, but what he should do if 1vs1? run? Any ways to get profit for killing from the 3rd? (exсept pulling to the tower) what is the true procast? pk+3+2+4? or trying to do fast max dmg during the ulti? I can't find any gameplay videos on the youtube, so if there're good players here played it, tell me I wanna look at gameplay what is the true top items? my chose pk (must have??) boots
  5. Im sure, u trying use email already linked to another account. 1 email = 1account
  6. 32x and 64x are the same. You don't need to do something with your account. you can't login because the servers are offline
  7. Ru servers were terrible for playing before. The players still have a stereotype they always have lags on ru servers. For example, we had to remake every game(public) if it was hosted on ru1 instead of ru2. despite the low ping (ru 100-150 and eu 150-220) it have no difference for real
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