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  1. Actually, it's not bad to play Dota 2. Especially for supporter, they tried hard to make support life feel better there.
  2. They used many avatar for other moblie game. It's not like they cant sell it. They just dont want to sell it
  3. Ok we got a bad news. HoN will shut down their sever at June 20 , 2022. i have played this game since CB and It was a fun journey. Farewell comrade.
  4. Didn't like him. I rather pick Hell bringer for better AOE stun, or valk for better harras, or Atersia for good healing.
  5. The first version have too many click target, click point but over all it's not bad. The current version is horrible. You destroyed every reason to pick Prophet. Bad heal early game, Decent attack speed buff. Ultimate Skill shared Debuff but have long cool down ultimate and also - 1 charge Persecution. I picked old Prophet back then many times. Actually enjoyed playing him, but the current version is serious punish me every time i picked him
  6. Who told you that people dont like new Nitro and Andrenaline ??? I only see people scream about them being OP. In fact, nitro is weak, any debuff is bad for Nitro, she just run fast, that's it.
  7. At 50 cast point. The player also cant react. And this one is +70 CP. Even you want to pop your shurken Head. It still too fast
  8. Maybe this one is better example ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Y8rUGMBUU Save 50 mana from lv 11 to lv 25 sometimes can be consider "good trick" ??
  9. My point is "If you keep ultimate at lv 1, Blood Chalice can help you easy get enough mana to use it" Not "he have 9+ mana regen. he should've max it"
  10. About Halberd, i hope HoN will creat some heroes or items that actually can be used it in early game. (Current i can say Nitro is the only heroes who can buy one of it early and be fine) In Doto 2, there are many heroes have a skill that applied their many auto attack as one to the target. (like pangolier, hoodwink). They are the heroes you can called "specialist" because they dont auto attack much even they build full of attack damage items
  11. I Just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMoJFWybZ3M Dont bother much about video, you dont need to watch full of the video. There is one thing i found in this video is the player keep his ultimate at lv 1 even they are already reached lv 25 So why he do this ? A reason is mana cost. Marty's Hand in Hand Lv 1 have 150 mana cost, enough for Blood Chalice's mana retore and it feel safe in this way. Even in late game, having less 50 mana cost to use ultimate seem like a wise choice. Of course you will get low cool down when you leveled it. So what yo
  12. DR have passive mana regen? ok when did he have it? I didn't play him a single time so i didnt notice it
  13. Less mana when flying but +0.1s cooldown?
  14. Ok, just my though. We all know that old MB is hard counter to DR. And now he reworked, attack slower, farm slower and seem like a semi tank, semi carry. So DR maybe a bit problem, because he got buffed and he dont have any hard counter anymore ?
  15. Supporter's dream: Ward will give more gold and exp when killed based on game length.
  16. Then fix it Make it become non-heal and set HP when meteor hit you :V
  17. Because it worth for 6k6 gold ? Because it counter PK ? Because it give you mana regen ?? Because it slow enemy ??
  18. Because it worth for 6k6 gold. Actually. It can be compare with Eyes of Skadi in Dota 2 with more expensive and less effective. The only good side is it give your carry mana regen and searing effect which is counter Portal Key and no need to go back to regen if you have life steal
  19. Unrank still live, but for newbie. If can, i suggest increase Unrank require for new account form 5 match to 7 day at least.
  20. w3wSB Dream Patch (Completed) == List of Heroes and Items== == Season Tournament and HoN plus == == Map Change== Re Arrange Map, Both SEA and NA/EU will use the same map. Kongor will drop Token of Life again. == Tower== - Fortification: When Active, Attack up to 3 target. - Tier 3 and Tier 4 Tower provide an +5 armor Aura to nearby allies Gold Bounty for destroy a tower changed: == Gold per Minute== Old: All player passive gain total 69 gold per minute New: Increased GPM by 4 for every 12:00 passed. Cap at 100 GPM (item can increase
  21. Sometimes, i hate using color text in forum. Now i need to recolor it again. Just because the missclick :((
  22. DR: Staff upgrate Increase E damage, can save up to 2 charge. W no longer slow yourself
  23. Still the same, A strong mid lane that can deal a crazy true damage, but lose to any carry hero. But Glad/Kunkka in Dota 2 have very good talent and staff that make him very annoying in combat by keep repeating his spell in a long times. Thus he can on/off his splash make him easy to calculator the AOE (it's similar to Archrana, you can click on creep or set auto cast it)
  24. Gladiator is not a pure carry, he is a soft support who have a potential to become a decent carry. His damage output most come from his E, which having a cooldown. Trying to build him as a main carry often result a failure.
  25. ok, so both NAEU and Garena will be update same time?
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