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  1. He need move speed buff on W-E. That's all he need. Chasing the target who have 500ms + is really pitfull and joke Suggestion: Max movement speed increased to 625/650/675/700 while chasing the target
  2. The power of nitro herself is not on her early lane phase. When she get rework early patch, his Q W stay the same with a small fix on her W, and yet 30% win rate. You can see all the buff and nerf on her until now focus on her ganking and carrier, survival. She's just annoying early, no simple special, that's how orb walking work
  3. IF archana go 1vs1 with you, will you complain her being broken in term of harrassment?
  4. I show you how broken and annoying it have because it dont have any counter play. Your suggestion basic like give Moon queen AOE beam on his ulti so she can use it anytime
  5. Just the cheap Firebrand with little stat, if you like agreesive play, this item is a well build
  6. What the purpose of purchasing wingbow if not for evasion or attack range ???
  7. It's because you buff his W reduce -1.25 armour so he got abuse win rate. Does the nerf -1.25 reduce to -0.5 armour still is not enough and need to revert back to before ?
  8. ok why not talk about how OP her W is ? + Destroy Mana of a hero equal or more than 5 sec. + Scale with Intelligence in late game, can deal more than 400 magic damage + Not a debuff and cant be purge + can safely cast without worry about your life with her Illusion Anything else?
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