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  1. I think Blitz as a supporter is a waste. The heroes is very interesting and impressive with a semi carry build, the problem is his auto attack damage is little small but that isnt really a big problem we should separate blitz with other support because blitz's skill work like fayde/magmus as a ganker rather than supporter
  2. i always think blitz's problem is that his spell require to target unit, and he have 4 of that type I can see why his Q is the problem because the damage is not guaranteed. I myself also dont like the fact that i need to max my ms in order to deal damage. i'm not sure what to talk about his W. You can heavy slow the enemy while giving some free time to auto attack (or run around !! ). The skill did well when you build as semi-carry, but i rare see anyone good at blitz semi-carry except my friend (lol) In the end, i dont know what Blitz need, Q's mechanic change?, Nerf or buff hi
  3. Honestly, bounty gold from kill should basic on GPM, not kill streak. The bounty from kill streak should be reduce a bit. Imo, it's not feeling good when someone get more than 1k gold from killing you when you are above 10x kill streak (bloodbath)
  4. I dont see the point of having fun when two "friendly" enemies bully you or you just stay behind the tower, hitting exp and running around between ancient camp and rune. Ty for telling me how are you feeling
  5. Its fine to give Shadow blade a stun, the problem is how we give it. Shadow blade was suffered many patch before, let he shine this patch :))
  6. Actually, she is support to be a bursted carry in close range. If you notice, she is suffer from keeping her distance to enemy. That'd why many buff/nerf before related to her attack range. so, to answer your thread, she is fine as long you stay outside her range. And she require a lot of items to carry her team, more than advance She is a fine carry without cc skill and focus on split push
  7. Well, you know, the stun maybe waste if your eneme is stunned already by your support but it is a huge impact when you solo kill someone. Shadow blade always bad of keeping his enemy in range so E form will always be used in any main Attribute. and since you nerf his Q so hard, people will take a liking to his E instead For Str build: You can slow enemy with frostwolf's skull plus having a stun For Agi build: You can take down enemy with shroud + E stun. (this make you feel like nomad, no? ) For Intel build: Having a stun when spamming your E is always a welcome? And
  8. Before lv 6, maybe not. But later will be. At least, he can do something rather than auto attack like power creep? 0,8s and 1.2s is huge different already, and he may use E two times to stun enemy 2.4s (up from 1.6)
  9. All i can say that you can ignore Q early and maxed E instead. 1.2s stun early on shadowblade is not a joke. For example: You change to Str at lv 6, but maxed E for harrass, we will have a ranged str hero that deal high auto attack damage and stun 1.2s in frist hit?
  10. Ok, finally something broken on shadowblade that engage me to play him. Hehe Boiz
  11. Everything is predictable except calamity nerf. She finally show her worthy and then got nerf instantly. so sad. Where the bramble SOtm nerf???? Seriously, we need something that change the current meta
  12. I like the EA geo attack animation but the new geo model, or most likely his new skill, i hate it
  13. My map and your map is different so it's hard to say that i play wrong. For weak and advance camp, you dont even need to use W
  14. i think grimoire is fine as the current state. The item just need 3s perplexed to avoid shurken head/PK active after used
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