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  1. Actually, when Warchief released, his ultimate is too strong, almost broken and it need more counter than SH because SH alone is not enough for the entire enemy team ( he reduce the cooldown skill and items of his teamates by 3 times). If you look at history change, he got big nerf more than any buff. After rebalanced, his ultimate now is the more selfish and it cant reduce cooldown items of his teamates anymore. You can said at this point. He is just the bursted hero. His presence in teamfight does not too big at before and people can ignore him for better target. Also now we have s
  2. If a supporter knew that there is a 200 IQ ward and it can kill itself before you put a blue ward. No one wanna waste money to buy blue.
  3. I think it is interesting stuff for a poor person like me who spent all the gold i have to buy ward and homecoming stone
  4. In dota 2, Homecoming stone have separated slot and when you buy Boots of Travel, it's upgrade your homecoming stone and allow it to teleport to creep. And it give free one stone each time you dead I think it's very nice idea to use in HoN ? There ward also require one slot to use Also there are total 3 portal Key upgrate but i didnt see anyone use it
  5. i will convince myself that there is a next patch at the end of september.
  6. Golden Veil SOTM - Allow Goldenveil pearch on ward, and building. Stun GV 3s if ward expire times - Plunge without using tree/ward/building deal full damage. Stun duration still cut by half
  7. Prophet staff addtion effect: - E: Increased charge by 1 and initial damage by 50
  8. Your list also are not full of heroes. Apex/Adrenaline/Golden/Xemplar Veil are missing. Tarot icon is also not upgrated i'm fine as long i played the heroes i wanted. Not care much if hes strong or weak.
  9. Current the skill can only hex one enemy hero each time and remove all the stack of the enemy who reached 5 stack E but didn't get hexed. While annoying because you need to stack 5 again to hex another one. Especially when you using Bluster (W) and Parade of Power (R) in the center of the crowd It's like the huge nerf to this skill just because the minion mechanic upgrading to his Q I'm fine with nerf his upgrading Q from E but at least give it back his crowd control. It's stupid when you open combat but accident hexed a support hero and carry just run away,
  10. Will we get a next patch at 9/28/2021 or it delay again ????
  11. Garena HoN did everything good, until the Thai King death. And when EU take back the lead of the balance design, it split into two version of FoC. Also the community in SEA is weak, they dont use twitch or discord to connect people. And tik tok just appear recently. I dont use tik tok or discord also because i'm old and i dont feel like i need those.
  12. I think it was purpose design to make allies jump to vortex without worry anything
  13. Slow totem seem a good idea but not worth for 4k2 gold. And Flame totem bounce to 2 enemy isnt good also. Spawn 2 life totem at same time is broken. ---- My feedback - Flame totem attack speed increase 100%, damage decrease 40%, attack bounce to an addition enemy, attack 8 times - Life Totem attack speed increase 100%, damage decrease 50%, heal 8 times, now also slow the enemy around - Lightning Totem attack speed increase 50%, attack 3 times (up from 2) - Base cooldown decrease - Number attack required to destroy each totem now is 2 (up from 1)
  14. It's true that her damage increase slightly but a big buff she receive was her attribute changed from Agi -> Int. but she's not a big problem, Pestilence is
  15. Old Prophet can play either pure support or DPS support. His damage come out 90% from his spell so one shurken head is enough to counter him and he cant farm well like other. But he is really strong when he can deal damage freely thx to his ultimate can cast freely without worry much Current Prophet still be countered hardly by shurken head but since it doesn't have charge and prophet need to get close to you, it's very easy to deal with him. Still better than LoL version
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