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  1. Problem in one game, but not in all the game. If you let the bubbles, pebbles, pyro or parallax the same GPM, level of that TB. The result is also the same Smurf game is a smurf game. No matter how it look, people wont see it as a proof
  2. If the ultimate still destroy all of his armour, then any buff to his defense point still make you feel like nothing even it's OP
  3. No matter how it look, 120 attack speed already is too much. Just a single item even make hero such as Ravenor become a beast. It also reduce the unique of agility heroes, they are support to be fast, high armour but low hp
  4. How about make his invi cost mana at lv 0 ?? His scouting before creep spawn is OP
  5. First time I heard TB survivability and ganking is OP. His early lane is still far weaker when his Q chain 5 times and if his auto attack range is a problem than we should nerf ellonia and Bombardier attack range more
  6. One thing i complain about Arachna that she shouldn't be able to active her W while stunned. It's unfair, annoying, complex to deal with. Like it force us to pick physical carry to deal with her. Otherwise i dont see anything else left to complain
  7. It's just me or Fayde SOTM is too strong on paper??. A instant blink strike and can used 3 times, cant be target in 1 seconds after used and also slow the enemy. Like, are you serious ?? --- Edited: I rewatching the spotlight and figure out that you cant attack another hero after using Faux Bow because the coding. Ok, that's fine but i remember back then Andromeda have a similar skill (W) but it work fine even when she attack another heroes who dont got hit from her W??
  8. Reason why EM have 625 attack range before was to avoid being attacked from the ranged enemy trapped inside his E And a new item Faux Bow. - Now most of the ranged carry hero have attack round 500-575, the 700 cast range seem look too close. It should be ~800. With this 700 cast range. Most likely the hero will purchase it will be only those hero who have below 500 attack range, not the carry. - Allow it to cast on tower (with ~65% less damage), this item is useless in close combat. Allow it to cast on tower make it more reason to buy it. For the exchange, increased the cool d
  9. w3wstarboy


    Arachna is a single target focus so it's not suprise if she deal crazy damage on a single enemy. But its only when her ultimate is ready. She is selfish hero that offer a very little help for her allies but mostly it for herself. Her design concept is similar to Vayne in LoL or Phantom Assasin in Dota 2 which is never be consider as OP in high tmm. Those type of hero always have some skill that make enemy feared to face them alone. And in high TMM, player dont walk around lonely Back to Arachna, As long as you stick with your teamates, you wont have any trouble to deal with her. Avoi
  10. BLUE: Deals 70/90/110/130 Magic Damage, chaining to nearby enemies. RED: Deals 30/40/50/60 Magic Damage with another 55/70/85/100 Magic Damage and a 10/15/20/25% Tapering Movespeed Slow over 3 seconds in the AOE GREEN: Same as RED, but bounces to two additional nearby enemies From wiki. With SoTM upgrate. King Klout deal less damage to a single target but will always apply a DOT and slow on enemy? If i spamming my Q. The DOT is not worth for the initial damage from Blue. Sometimes i only need RED for the slow as a KK player, i'm not sure if SOTM is a worth upgrad
  11. why not make both it share cooldown together ?? (like pharaoh SOTM). I just feel annoying when one is no target and the other one is ground targeted. It's not like i play TB everyday.
  12. Normal War beast is hard to farm outside the jungle. WB also isn't easy to get full 6 slot items. But if you chose between SOTM and heart. I could say SOTM is far better
  13. Doesn't Phase marcher got nerfed recent patch??? And normal zombie still annoying, not strong but annoying
  14. Well, if i pick a melee str hero with your iron shield, i basic have 6 str = 108 hp, 6 attack damage and passive block damage. Too OP, i guess
  15. it's extreme strong if you ask. However, the condition is you need to rush it. Forget about spell sunder, spell shard. It's not easy but i have played some match with that rush and it complete destroy any all-out combat. If there is a problem, it should be his switch (E). Why the heck i need to switch skill from the first place? Why not give him a sub skill (D) or just press E to cast ??
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