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  1. iixus

    Moira[ [4.8.6]

    Her W/Mana Sunder is somewhat of a joking ability. Comparable with every other silence. Less range, less duration (except for Kinesis ), Less damage than those that do damage, (At least unless you manage to hit a level 25 in build, but you'd really need to be doing that at 14-16 for it to be considered powerful). Your best hope is for that 1 sec extension for it to kick in for a longer debuff. But lets be real thats an short term interruption for any hero except scout (if trying to stealth). Any blink abilities are all low enough mana cost that they dont even need to wait for more than a half
  2. iixus

    Moira[ [4.8.6]

    Since her inception Moira has been continuously nerfed almost into oblivion. She has received Exactly ONE buff in the form of SOTM to her Ultimate which makes it Lethal, Increases Radius, and adds a heal to allies. Yet Moira has NO farming capability, is pretty much a support and why the hell would she spend 4.2K to get an item to let her ult do an additional 200-400 healing at mid to end game. Really? Who even gets STAFF at level 6 to do HEALING. No damage increase. While Moira potentially has an extremely powerful Kit, the nerfs and restrictions ensure she is extremely handicappe
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