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  1. come'on that type of attitude manage and maintain game kind of low. Why garena work ethic so low? Hire programmer and debug man. I will donate 2k usd if u want to fix it.
  2. One of the reason my guide cause stir is produce more traffic and I wish HoN sea team fix the minor bug please. I want play this game peaceful without feeling buggy feeling.
  3. HoN sea shouldn't be scare of dota 2 because david beat goliath moral story. Someone told me he will tell specifically send the feedback to sea HoN team about the system bugs. So here goes: -Login bug -In-game shop bug(I fear player money after purchase will not readed by In game HoN and it stop us from purchase the cosmetic) -Balancing damage output for each hero that are equally damage output. For damage output for hitter heroes roughly count 3 hits adding to damage output calculation. Most often several hit of hitters died before reach 5th or 6th hits depend what kind of heroes.
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