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  1. who says i not bright. I am first saying Assasin shourd suitable for swiftblade while other follow mr sam runed axe like a sheep and complaint i am retard. fact i am so smart and creative a lot ppl dont realize.
  2. If there is place report on garena sea forum i wont come here make report to this place
  3. above picture is the edvidences. Well I not retard. I behave that way just try to be funny in the past. I already stop the retard behavior. It is i learned we are resposible for our own behavior and thoughts, that is in sea server the player. It is garena one. Please take action to this player. He challenged me 1v1 and lose and excuse many by calling ppl noob and idiot and calling ppl family stupid like his father.
  4. My garena sea account phone number expired. I wish change it to <removed>. Username :<removed>
  5. good, it is unfair to player who dont abuse way too OP heroes and bully noob call them skill suck just because they dont want play cheap like some of u guys.
  6. opps sorry first time report a bad guy. I will post at there. instead here.
  7. they u ask them why they provoke me during game phase and cyber bully me. This global ban really he serve him right. dont ask me why i so bad. it is because dealing with bad ppl u need to be bad.
  8. Match ID:------- Devour and arachnar defame me. Friend shaming me no friend but in fact in realife i choose trust no one thats why i choose dont wanna have friend. He bully me no friend and call me stupid and call me bad name and keep 鸡蛋里挑骨头 to look for bone inside an egg. They are very rude and disrespectful towards other being smarter than them. Please perma ban them.
  9. it is because u think toxic in game is right. you defame other player parent. deserve global banned. You dont have parent dont worry but other do have and they respect their parent unlike u who dont know value of respecting parent.
  10. 50 usd equals to 200 myr in malaysia which is a lot. Take my money develope a bit the map although not much of it. I wish my donation may unban of malaysian to access HoN actual server. I dislike thai and pinoy. they are too rude to me and dont have mannerism.
  11. come'on that type of attitude manage and maintain game kind of low. Why garena work ethic so low? Hire programmer and debug man. I will donate 2k usd if u want to fix it.
  12. One of the reason my guide cause stir is produce more traffic and I wish HoN sea team fix the minor bug please. I want play this game peaceful without feeling buggy feeling.
  13. HoN sea shouldn't be scare of dota 2 because david beat goliath moral story. Someone told me he will tell specifically send the feedback to sea HoN team about the system bugs. So here goes: -Login bug -In-game shop bug(I fear player money after purchase will not readed by In game HoN and it stop us from purchase the cosmetic) -Balancing damage output for each hero that are equally damage output. For damage output for hitter heroes roughly count 3 hits adding to damage output calculation. Most often several hit of hitters died before reach 5th or 6th hits depend what kind of heroes.
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