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  1. Please consider adding kicking griefing player with votes from both teams...
  2. Do something. I encounter smurf almost every game. They just create account and bam. He is with silvers-golds instantly. What happened to Basic-Verified Account thing? This is intolerable atm. Do something for god sake.
  3. It was so refreshing to kick a griefer, trash talker out of game back in time. I wish this option would be considered again. There are too many griefers-trashtalkers that ruin this beautiful game. I dont see any disadvantages or valid reason to not bring it back. Since it is all about voting system, one cannot be kicked out of game without enough reasons and votes from both team. Please consider this suggestion. It is much wanted usefull feature of this game.
  4. Is it possible to sell them for silvers? Many other Plushie/Misfit series avatars sold for silvers.
  5. I think its spin is underwhelming a little. And being based on chance is killing its potential. Maybe we can lower the damage and trigger his spin every 5 or 6 atacks.
  6. Hell yeah. He is too weak atm.
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