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  1. Mine or Sapphirez? If something is canon already - it has description in parenthesis. If it is not then it was made via community input long time ago on archaic HON Forum threads that are not accessible anymore. Luckily I made a copy and kept updating on reddit - so we have record retention.
  2. Omg, thank you. Does this mean you are officially blessing the reddit thread as cannon names for the heroes? You are Frostburn - you have the power to utter the words and it will be so. I am a mere bard that will sing of their songs and narrate their tale wherever I am able.
  3. No, I want ElementUser or other Frostburn developer to say yes all these names are canon. That's all and I will go to town on beefing up HON pages with character details where-ever I am able.
  4. Please vote. The developers don't have to do anything other than blessing the thread as official and I will do the rest of the work on the fandoms to spruce the lore of HON with these details on as many forums / wikis / fandoms as possible. Here is the thread in clickable form
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