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  1. any updates on the shadowblade? or any of the avatars? :))
  2. the swiftblade avatar is still looking like its gliding and not actually walking as well thanks in advance!
  3. Whenever you throw the bomb onto someone and try to re-activate it to explode it, it doesnt let you. I tried it in practice mode and it works fine but match making it doesn't let me re-activate early so it can explode. It lets me throw the bomb however thats about it. And yes I updated it to the latest hon manager as well.
  4. Hey brother appreciate the hard work and you for taking the time to do this for the hon mod community it means alot! I tried the recent avatars you updated and its working great. I was wondering if you can somehow get the Shadowblade avatars to work properly in match making? In practice the shift forms work perfectly but in match making it stays the same form as the original.. Also idk if the mod has an effect on the activation of Bombardiers Q cause in practice I can blow it up manually rather in game I have to let the timer go off cause I'm unable to re-activate it.
  5. idk if publishing that animations arent working here would help but malikens animation isn't working well and can't seem to get any avatars working for magmus or swiftblade.. thanks for your hard work!
  6. "Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Avatar' because it is an empty string." It says this when I try to use the command "Set-HeroAvatar -Hero". Also was wondering if we had to go through the process of installing and updating it everytime we want to change a avatar or not? Thanks in advance
  7. Okay so i got it working and you're doing gods work seriously.. I've been waiting for avatar mods but it seems the hon mod community is out of the loop nowadays and honestly so thankful.. Thanks again and would you have to be updating the manager all the time for these mods to work?
  8. hey im having problems getting this to work.. is there anyway you would be able to make a video that would be really helpful.. thanks in advance and can't wait to use it. Or even more specific instructions for example giving us the command for using a certain avatar for reference.
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