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  1. The mute button and volume-control wheel on my keyboard transmit my microphone in-game, even if i have no push to talk key bound. As in, the "mic transmitting" icon over my head shows up when interacting with these controls. I have a Corsair K95. Not sure if the key ID on other keyboards that have these kinds of buttons will have the same effect, but it's a weird minor bug that should be looked into.
  2. I've confirmed that pinging a rune with the ping where you hold down the mouse for longer than a single click makes the ping appear in the top right corner of the minimap. I'm not sure if it works this way for other objects as well, but it's worth looking into. It's annoying to have my ping not appear where I click.
  3. First suggestion is a simple one. Re-summoned Tempest Elementals appear to auto-rebind to the same key they were on, but the upgraded Elementals overwrite the previous bind of the non-upgraded Elementals. I'd like the ability to bind both, the regular Elementals (the first 3), and the upgraded Elementals (the split 6) to the same control group key. Second suggestion is in support of a "target heroes only" key bind. I'd bind mine to the ` key. Third suggestion is in support of (ranked) role queueing, where you would pick a primary and secondary role before queueing, and occasionally a
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