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  1. it seems like i am the one who assumed the gender oh well ? thanks m8
  2. much appriciate the feed back i think something can be done with the current content and engine they have with the current staff they are having this is still my own opinon
  3. no bramble is not a female you made me double check even through the voices man ? are we doing did you just assume my gender thing haha only avatar is female m8
  4. Hello since this is a general discussion and i can see you are trying new blood in the game keeping the game active why are we not releasing a new hero it would keep people entertained on my point of view also one more thing cought my sight all of the str heroes in hon none of them are females ? except for avatars !
  5. What do you call something that explodes at -273.15 degrees Celsius? 0 K boomer "It got pretty lit in there." To the batmobile ! Shoot 1st talk later!
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