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  1. Your suggestion would make it so every time you go for a hit on enemy hero you can toggle the passive on and hit for more damage. Then turn it off, take creep kills and when you want to hit enemy hero again, turn it on for extra damage. So there is no consideration for your attacks and no counter play against it. Right now enemies see you have used your righteous strike on creeps so they can trade a little with you. Or if you want to keep it to harass enemy heroes then you have to avoid hitting creeps. Your suggestion would completely remove this.
  2. So you want some heroes to be on lane and leech your experience. Then proceed to farm jungle leaving you solo vs duo lane without any level advantage?
  3. What would be a reasonable cost for something like this considering the BR playerbase size.
  4. Well you just said my statement is wrong so its no done one way?
  5. What you are saying is that he needs mana management, which goes for every hero in early game?
  6. I can already see players picking Support just to do whatever they want and not get their "main" stats affected.
  7. Yeah...when the map has been the same for 10 years the players tend to be "ok" with it.
  8. Since there is a lot of spitballing going on here about the possible reworks i´ll throw in something myself but no numbers, just rough ideas. Q - Mana Combustion After X attacks the next attack will combust a portion of enemy mana, burning it and dealing damage based on mana burnt. This mana burn counts as "mana spent" Autoattacks against enemies replenish small amounts of mana to Magebane W- Flash The same blink ability but creates a spirit of Magebane after the blink. The spirit (or ward, statue, whatever) emits an aura that causes all enemy abilities to cost more (c
  9. I´m no balance expert but for me, personally, it feels odd to have a defensive items like Helm or Headress to build also into offensive item. But that´s just me.
  10. From personal experience I can guarantee that RAP works. I also have hard time believing your story. Maybe you didnt add details of what happened, maybe your mates actually didnt report him.
  11. I bet you picked him just to try him out without considering the enemy team composition or if Qi would actually be a good hero against them, right?
  12. For some reason I think those items are too good.
  13. Odd, you can say that most players thought the old was fine but for some reason you cant tell what most players think of the new map. I don´t think players were even thinking about Hellbourne having a higher win percentage and it´s not their job, it´s the job of the balancers. If they have identified it as a problem which needs to be fixed then by all means, let them fix it. I personally do not want old map back. I don´t understand people who are willing to spend 10 years on the same map without any changes to it. It sounds like insanity. I´m pretty sure there are a lot of places you c
  14. So 3 second silence...every 6 seconds? Seems broken.
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