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  1. I dont understand the connection between enemy Legionnaire going for Whispering Helm and your carry having freefarm. I don´t think Legionnaire is the only one who has to focus on ganking enemy carry when there are mid and long lane players and short lane support if there is an opportunity to let carry get solo exp.
  2. I like Whispering Helm. It gives useful stats, option to stack three camps at once and allows you to take tripled ancients so you´ll be about lvl 11 when everyone else are 6 or 7 and still get PK well before 12th minute. This is of course when there is nobody blocking your camps or ganking you or killing your dominated creep. I also understand people who do not buy it and go for a bit earlier PK. Guess it comes down to personal preference and in which bracket you play and what kind of counterplay you can expect.
  3. Oh wow! That´s awesome! Can you give me some Match IDs where I can see it?
  4. I noticed that Adrenaline was missing the Blue "Crystal" looking Avatar. Don´t know what´s the plan with those Avatars.
  5. I must have the knowledge of the game to play it successfully? Unheard of!
  6. Which is why this whole thread is weak. Clearly you don´t unless it is from someone who happens to agree with you. Otherwise you would understand some players enjoy suicide/jungling. How does Jungle promote passive gameplay? Someone would argue that having a carry on safelane passively farming until he gets his items promotes passive gameplay. Just because YOU encounter a lot of passive junglers doesnt mean its the case for everybody. I also happen to think you exaggerate a lot. Junglers have a lot of gold to be gained from stacking and taking jungle. More maybe even than just
  7. I read the whole discussion from start to end before I made a single post and didnt see any arguments that would support any changes to jungle. If you come up with legitimate reasons to tweak jungle I´m sure the developers would gladly listen to you. You claim that games where there are junglers are uneven, not fun and unbalanced. Okay. Great, where is the proof? Where are your statistics to support this claim? You have none. All you do is present anecdotal evidence about something that have happened in your games. Have they actually happened? We don´t know. You don´t present any hard pr
  8. There are no points in this discussion. All there is you asking for nerf for the jungle in terms of gold/exp gain simply because YOU don´t like the roles. I don´t know what kind of shithole games you are in but the games where I have jungler, for example Legionnaire, they get their PK well before 15 minute mark and start ganking. Where the hell you get your 20-40 minutes afk farming is beyond me. Yeah you kinda did imply since you have been playing the game since beta which somehow is supposed to validate your opinion. Ofcourse they havent been common over the years. I remember when
  9. Sometimes people are forced to play roles they don´t like.
  10. I do happen to play fair bit of Jungle heroes. I also happen to play quite a bit of Suicide roles. I also happen to play quite a bit of carry and support heroes. Some games I play mid. I play all the roles the game offers. How narrowminded it is of you to judge people by their likes. Oh! Mezi think suicide role is not fun I guess the entire playerbase now has to stop playing Suicide and Jungle roles, right? Get off your high horse. I also have played Dota, I also started playing HoN when it was in closed Beta, I payed 30 dollars for my account when the beta ended. I also happened to buy anothe
  11. Everyone like their own roles. I dont see why Jungle or Suicide players should lose a piece of the game just because someone doesnt agree with jungle heroes.
  12. How is the game uneven, if both teams have junglers? I don´t think you are someone to say that 2+1+2 is more fun to someone who enjoys playing jungler heroes. Or someone who enjoys playing suicide role. You got some arrogance suggesting to basically remove two roles in the game just because you dont like the game you are in.
  13. Whats going on with those items?
  14. I see a huge flaw in your argument. You argue that in lower brackets the problem is the most severe. You then also say that one way to fix the problem is to nerf exp/gold for jungle creeps. Do you honestly think that lower bracket players care if jungle creeps give a bit less gold and experience? Would the majority of these players even read changelogs? I mean the nerf to Predator lifesteal not working until lvl 3 was to discourage people from going to jungle with him. What happened? People still went to jungle with him. If you nerf gold/exp gain for jungle creeps all you accomplish is le
  15. So how to play new Adrenaline? Item, skilling, laning wise?
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