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  1. Guess expecting a more professional answer, especially from the balancer of the game, may he been a bit too much to ask. Instead I got some snarky response about how "wall of text" doesnt mean anything. Just to clarify. Monkey King gets extra vault, yeah okay. Its nice I suppose. MoonQueen gets extra beams, max hits per target, reduced time between beams, adds mini-stun, deals area damage, reduced cooldown. Not ridiculous at all.
  2. Okay...What I mean is that she gets insane boost to her ultimate compared to any other hero. Compare her to Forsaken Archer for example...basically the same theme but one of them has beast mode.
  3. Whats the deal with MoonQueen getting such a huge boost to her ultimate? Theres literally a wall of text of benefits she gets from staff whereas other heroes might just get small cooldown reduction or something like that.
  4. Currently reads "...plus bonus spirits from power in death...". No longer has Power of Death so might be confusing.
  5. I think CM would be Casual Mode...CS makes no sense.
  6. Its not a donation if you want something in return. Oddly though, you would be getting something in return by having more developed game.
  7. How did Garena react to this...basically splitting the revenue O.o Is there a way for community to keep track how well you this is going?
  8. Thanks, not gonna use it, I was just wondering is it a mod or some setting I could enable. Thanks
  9. Hey! When watching some HoN youtube videos I´ve noticed a noticably marked portion on creeps healthbars. Is it somekind of mod that takes into account your attack damage and shows when to hit the creeps to get a guaranteed kill or deny? Just wondering.
  10. I´ve done it several times as soon as the game finishes loading. I guess I accidentally press a hotkey that activates it. Gonna disable it now E: Its on I button...there is no way I press this when the game loads so I guess I´m innocent after all.
  11. Hi! I would like to see how much bonus exp and bonus silver coins players will get when they reach certain amount of kills, smackdowns, wards, consecutive games, friend bonus etc. Currently it just says, for example: "Gain bonus experience and silver coins for each 250 hero kills!" What it could say is: "Gain bonus experience (20) and silver coins (10) for each 250 hero kills!" or "Gain 20 bonus experience and 10 silver coins for each 250 hero kills!" I don´t know the real bonus given by these achievements which is why I believe it would be a small but helpful add on. Thank You!
  12. Is there a way to obtain Super Taunt?
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