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  1. Lmao you are such an angry person. Have "fun" in your trash game mode.
  2. "I dont want to play FoC because I want to have fun" "Midwars is so fkn frustrating"
  3. If FoC is when you want to sleep then MidWars is when you want to rage, I guess? Judging by this thread.
  4. Judging by how desperate you are to play MidWars there is 0% chance you will uninstall.
  5. Lets not forget that long time ago the first rune used to spawn at 00:00.
  6. If you admit that the rune plays very significant, although random role, then why not communicate with your teammates and ask them to sit the rune? Instead you ask for the removal of it?
  7. True strike means you will never miss your attacks. For example when enemy has evasion or you attack uphill.
  8. Succubus + Devo/Valkyrie for guaranteed hits on hook and javelin. Balphagore + Demented Shaman, summon balpha minions and heal them near enemies for insane damage. Also nice push.
  9. You need to download the replay. Get into it, spectate yourself for example and then in that replay right click on the person icon you want to report and report. Then exit the replay. Search for match ID again and the report window should pop up.
  10. Ask a "friend" to also report the player and always add accurate description with timestamps.
  11. You need two people to report the person. If its just you and you dont have history of good reports then they will be ignored. I have reported numerous people for stat manipulation in the RAP portal and they have all and I mean all been dealt with in a matter of hours.
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