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  1. Tarot It's sad that she does not have any staff till now Suggestion 1:Far Scry Every time tarot atack she has 25% to cast Far Scry on any visible unit. Be it hero or Cree. Suggestion 2: Luck of the Draw Every time tarot is ataked she have 25% to reduces the demage by 2x 2.8x or 3.6x It's like a defensive critical
  2. I was flint on this mid wars and we paused Just when Sir were ulthing me. DEATH FROM ABOVE!
  3. How does it words with Tarot and Swiftblade?
  4. "So if you are at lategame, an agi hero hitting you with 100000 armor, will take no damage." It's only natural for the carry to be strong in late game since in early they are useless. But I Still think barbed need a huge buff to be balanced. Maybe a passive 20% reflection and reduce Colodown to 23 seconds will be good.
  5. what if the player were griefing just me So I'am sure I was the only one that reported him. He was warding neutral camps so the creps wold not spam for example?
  6. this one subistitute the throwback swiftblade instead off the defaut. But the voice goes. But the model don't.
  7. There are feel heroes with life steal. Also the Colodown of barbed is 40 seconds. We could have at least 30 seconds Colodown. And 20% passive return. Even so it would be weak. The only heroes that barbed is really effective are legioner and Kane. BEcause if another hero like Kraken or Ra or Moraxus activates barbed we can just don't hit him. Even for legioner that is the hero that most benefits from having barbed. It's better to buy the helm so that you would have healing this way you don't need to go base everytime.
  8. It's very weak compared to the others items. IF I got 2500 Gold it's better o to buy a PORTAL KEY Or a ABYSSAL SKULL or SHAMAN'S HEADDRESS.
  9. It's looks really nice you did that all by yourself?
  10. Cool. I was about to ask about the avatar mod also. Thanks.
  11. I Know why we have the option to report people for avoiding afk but I think we must discuss futher what is avoiding afk. I was in a game were there were 2 junglers. So If I would push alone people would report me for intentional feed. If I would follow them in jungle and farm with them they would report me for griefing ( I would report too). The only option I got is to stop in higth grund and be there. at t3 and wait for something to change in game. But by doing this they report me for afk and I got 14 days bam. So I'am banned until the end of the event. It's a bit unfair. Most peop
  12. which mods I Am allowed to install in HON and where does I find them?
  13. I know Blade Mail is from another MOBA but some items ans skills got the same numbers. So let's check Blade Mail: Cost: 2125 Status: +6 armor and + attack demage. Active: For 4.5 seconds, the damage returned from all sources is increased by 80%. Passive: Return 20% demage. Colodown 25 seconds. Not only the Colodown of Barbed armor is 60% higther The price is also 75 gold more. Also Blade mail return 20% passive wich is a great thing for farming neutrals. Also Blade mail Give better status. I think Barbed Armor needs
  14. Yes I come from dota and it bugs me that we can't put intem in "queue" quickbuy.
  15. YES YES YES. This a a big problem in HOn. You also could put a item in line and when I press a hot key I would buy it. Also a sound that when I got the gold for it he would say to me. This is a very basic gameplay feature. Please!
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