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  1. This isn't much of a quality of life suggestion but rather a redundant suggestion to overprice an item that does not need to be overpriced. 100 gold is a lot of gold, it is the different between merely seconds and minutes depending on the games current circumstances.
  2. because trolling isn't a reportable offense.
  3. that wouldn't matter. Each report that could hold the effect would have a determined time; like 12 hours or something. Every report counts towards meeting the low priority threshold. And once in low priority the amount of game required shouldn't be over the top; maybe like 2-5.
  4. I think mk is fine right now, it takes a tremendous amount of skill and finesse to play a good mk. And even if you play MK to the peak level; its still difficult to win matches that any other hero would have an easy time with. MK is not really that powerful, alls he has going for him is insta clear and early game burst. Late game is all about trickery; as hes not going to ever man up 1v1 a carry. His burst falls off heavily mid/late game.
  5. The limiting would make it more fair, that you'd want to report someone whose REALLY pissing you off or griefing you. Not because people are lazy to report but more so to encourage punishment for intentionally pissing off team mates. Not even nessacrly for the banning aspect; but so you can have a after taste that hey maybe that dick bag might be stuck into playing a few public games or something of the nature. It wouldn't be a ban, and even if the reports are completely false, piece of mind for those who potentially do or do not deserve. For example. Everyone on ur team hates
  6. Lock players from ranked with multipul pending reports from Ranked matching after a threshold is reached Limit reports per user to 1 a day and only players on ur team can report, not outside party's or enemy's. After 12 hours the report is removed but still can be reviewed by GMS. If someone is sent to low priority anyone who reported that user regains there report. Low priority forces the user to play a specific amount of unranked public games or midwars it does not expire. thoughts: Bannign system in HoN sucks, players grief team mates knowing they won't be banned fo
  7. skrapein

    Thx Devs

    not gonna lie, i actually hope they disable heroes maybe like a hero rotation? where like 15 are disabled for a few weeks. it actually spiced up the games today
  8. lol, everything can be countered. your missing the point
  9. You guys keep talking about LRM damage, which I think the damage is in a good spot and should be what it is. You can dodge it with relative ease even if significantly slowed; the problem again lays with stuns+lrm. Most stuns you can see coming; but u can't anticipate a fog of war homing missile. And even if you can you can't stay far enough away from a lane to be safe/ farm. As long as you know artillery has R, you're in danger from a very far distance. Which is the same problem with heroes like DR, you can't avoid being hit by his R and you're guaranteed to die if it lands on you and no one i
  10. Not gonna read the paragraphs of information provided, Artillery is currently the most broken hero in hon. He is so easy to play, 3k range guarantee 2-5 second aoe stun which is the broken aspect. He does not need much damage items to scale or barley any mana regn to maintain lrm. Maybe make his ulti SLOW instead of stun and very minor nerfs to his LRM, like a slight mana increase.
  11. if this is the case, might it be because you wouldn't want ur target running around randomly when ur playing a hero with two target abelites. you can't cast any spells during his fear. so it sounds hero specific quality of life.
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