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  1. i fixed it, i forget to close a markup in the mdf file..
  2. Hello guys, I tried to change the world tree model. I follow the steps i did to make models for custom heroes but instead of having my model i have the 3ds max tea pot model.. My custom .mdf file has the good custom model reference and the good custom clips references, and i changed the legion_base.entity to have my custom mdf reference. What i did wrong, are there another files i have to modify for main buildings ?
  3. the original s2exporter (not the 2013) works only in 3ds max 8 and 3ds max 2011 if i remember, that's why i'm using 3ds max 2011.
  4. Thanks RedBear for this advice i know now why i had always unnamed material lol.. I have another question about materials. original HoN heroes .material have only one texture but in the model i'm currently working i have one mesh with 4 materials on (so 4 textures on it). Do i need to split my model into 4 mesh and one material/texture each or s2exporter can handle multimaterial ?
  5. Hi all, I wanted to make custom models and custom animations for old HoN mod version (Hon2Dota / Moba Allstars Legends). I firstly used the Theli k2exporter for blender 2.63, importing .model and .clip works well and the .model exporter also but not the .clip export. When i export my animation in .clip it f*cked up the armature of my model ... So i decided to use the s2exporter for 3ds max 2011. I copied the s2exporter.dlu file in the 3ds max 2011 "stdplugs" folder. When i launch 3ds max, and go to the plugin management window, i found s2exporter correctly loaded.
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