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  1. Sometimes I was used to use my MAC to play some hon chill games or more often to watch replays or mentor. Couple of years ago, replays became barely watchable and I felt like HoN stopped caring for MAC users. Recently support completely stopped, you can't even log in or try to update the game. So my question is; are there any plans to make hon playable for MAC or is it just completely done and dusted
  2. So my friend tried log in from Syria once. Few weeks later his accounts were disabled and the reason was that he logged in from Syria. Now I'm not sure why is that a reason for someone to not be allowed to play HoN from whichever country he is. Especially since equallity is a theme of 2020.
  3. nullfire is usually ok against tanky heroes, but armadon spells are really cheap so it doesn't really work. Also why would you even want to counter an Armadon, hero that doesn't do much damage and is 3k HP, counter him by avoiding him, and kill him last in fights, don't initiate on him
  4. yeah maybe they need to revert him back to the state before 4.0 (or at start of 4.0) and then buff it a bit. Old DM was a decent midgame hero but he would often fall off later in the game which was ok imo. The new DM seemed like a early game god sometimes. Some of the time frustrating to play against if your hero is something greedy like Ellonia or TB. And yeah it was very easy to do the braindead combo.
  5. nah, Silhouette is one of the strongest 2-3 carrys as it stands atm, buffing her wouldn't be a good idea.
  6. edit: sorry didn't see DR changes at the bottom... everything is alright and I like the cleaver buff
  7. you have 500+ games played and you are silver with negative winrate, don't think you can "fuck up" anyone friend... Cheeky bug tho
  8. yeah I feel like Vorax should be used on a lane where you/your team isn't... so he split pushes... but now since you gain only 65% of the gold if you are away from Vorax, you are basically stealing the gold away from your team.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more.I see daemonic breastplate in every game because item is so good (not once in every 100 games). Adrenaline is super good and balanced and it's a first ban choice of every player and ofc winrate confirms it. Also ive talked to many people about checking players stats and what they are usually checking is mastery points and how many mvps does a player have. Its obvious. Now when you reach 1600 mmr you will look at things in a different way.
  10. Alright first of all, I have no idea when the next patch is coming and how big it is; so these suggestions are basically what I want to see in HoN in the near future. Some are probably too "luxury" but I thought about sharing them anyway, not gonna hurt anybody if people disagree or if changes take time to implement. I know that Frostburn staff works harder than they should to keep HoN alive, regardless of lack of time and resources, they are doing a good job. So here we go: Interface: Make the K:D/K:A:D and those streak stats visible on the first page when you open player's stats.
  11. Like the title says, Jade spire doesn't work properly on Amun Ra's Q... range indicator works properly but not the stun range itself. Don't ask me how I know ?
  12. If I would remake for every time enemy team has a disconnect... I would spend more than half of my hon time... Queueing and remaking.
  13. Thing that came to my mind after seeing remake vote being spammed over and over again every game, regardless if there is a leaver or not, is... why is that thing still in the game. There is no point of the Remake feature in HoN. Id say that 1 out of 20 games are being remade and it's mostly cuz of a shitty reason like: enemy spamming it because his team is weaker, because they fucked up pics or because they got a known griefer in the team and they want to get out... none of these reasons are valid to remake the match. The only matches that require a remake should be tourney matches, but since
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