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  1. Don't play Balphagore jungle But if you are forced to or really want to. Kill easy camp (make sure it happens outside so you can kill it again the 2nd time within a minute) then kill the medium camp. Then again easy camp... Then it depends on which hard camp you get. Skelee king camp is what you usually want, other than that, it's not worth to kill besides maybe the vulture lord camp. You should probably look to push lvl 7.
  2. That's literally the only thing Arachna does well atm, hero is not unbalanced according to winrate as it has 46% winrate. Is it annoying playing against it 1v1? Yes. Atleast hero doesn't scale anymore like it was the case last patch. Also the fact that you probably got smashed by the hero and you ran to forum to rant about it, tells that you really don't know how to explain the problem, you just came here to cry because Arachna took your MMR, classic.
  3. So you want a strong and balanced hero, buffed? Cthulu is a super strong long laner, probably in top 5. You should've watched tourney before the last one when Cthulu is banned or picked very often. Think you are wrong that you want him buffed and should likely learn how to play it better (no nice way to say this). The only thing that might be weak is his E, I see some people complain about it because the numbers are low, tho it doesn't bother me.
  4. People like these 2 commenting on the hero they played once or never. And if they did play it, they would figure out that you can use Q on your pet trees, and if you are really good with micro, disable the enemy for 10-15 seconds depending on your level. But that feature will be fixed. I feel like this is more of an issue with Elder than the hero itself.
  5. I skimmed through this thread and I can safely assume you are stuck in some rank like gold, where basically everybody plays for themselves. Thing is, 2-1-2 is still the most viable meta and junglers in team are most of the time, just soakers. When I dual Q, me and my friend usually go dual long because it is fun. Also you mentioned that jungle meta was never more popular which is not true, 1-2 years pre 4.0, every game literally consisted of a jungler which is what I hated, because it was boring. Basically to sum up my thoughts - I think this meta in terms of lanning is rea
  6. Jackpot name color, punk taunt, punk announcer, punk TP, gizmo courier, dragon courier.
  7. more bans and the banning phase should last longer. You never have time to check heroes that enemies pick and ban according to it. You have to pre-ban basically.
  8. My suggestion would be that, when you click that thing that opens and shows all the sub accounts, you need to scroll down to find an acc you want, even if it's your highest. So what I would recommend, make it so the highest MMR account is on top and lowest is on bottom. (not talking about old UI).
  9. so you are threatening on forum again instead of apologising and trying to make up. Everybody knows that you are a serial griefer, you don't have to prove it. But what's the point of wasting your time on stuff like that.
  10. No, after you came back. You were clicking around bottom lane tier 2 tower, then sending your hero around the base to avoid AFK detection. Now please stop wasting everyone's time and accept it that it's your fault.
  11. I've checked your game, at 46:40 you started to avoid AFK detection, but you were afk. Just clicking around base so you don't get kicked. You were rightfully banned.
  12. So you are threatening here that you will grief non stop if some criteria is not met. Good riddance, don't need people like you in HoN.
  13. So why would you change the hero that's avarage. You want to make it broken like it was in the past? Also a question to you. How many times did you play Tremble in 2020. Aproxximately? And how many of those times it was in game higher than diamond? But yeah, you basicially also wrote 3 useless posts talking about one thing and contraditcing yourself in the next sentence? You are saying the hero is avarage (which is fine) and then you say it's too weak... whatever I don't even know... think you have some issues to sort with yourself judging by the stuff you post on forum.
  14. There is no point in what I said, besides to reject your claim. That if he was a Tremble master back in the days, that now the hero is awful if he is at 35% winrate. There are plenty of reasons for that and are obvious. Also imo if you never played the newest tremble, you really shouldn't talk about it or want it to be buffed/nerfed. I played it alot and the hero is fine.
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