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  1. It was possible to gift it when it was honiversary. I've personally did it, at the time. Don't think they will let you do it now.
  2. Hopefully there will be a Plague Rider adjustment incoming. To be precise, either to adjust his 30 sec cd on E... or do something regards him one shoting the neutral creeps/ancients.
  3. yeah true, I forgot to mention cleaver.
  4. So if you are in range mode as Wildsoul, you have brutalizer... when the projectile (auto attack) is flying. If you switch to melee mode - mid air. It will count as if your attacks were melee and actually stun the target.
  5. yeah, pretty sure it obviously only meant that you cast the meteor (D), not the part where you travel along with the meteor (E).
  6. I'd love this one as well... 1 extra hero ban per team, could be really good
  7. Yeah, not gonna ahead and discuss it - even more detailed. But you get the point, your comment was kinda biased... regardless of the statistics
  8. Yet ghost marchers vs steamboots ratio in higher games is still 9-1 or higher...
  9. it's not 15 seconds. But yeah, it's kinda a too low CD on his E.
  10. I agree with this one... people should learn the difference between "counter" and "decent against". Otherwise you could be 5 levels lower in avarage than enemy team and have 150 gpm, buy void and say that you countered them, which isn't true Circe counters Sandwraith, but void doesn't counter Artillery, it just slows down the outcome. Same regarding Flint. Everyone has a different perception and opinion, both reflect on the rank ofc. That's why somebody is rank 3 garena, and somebody is hardstuck gold 4 after hundreds of games.
  11. few people, including me... complained that those products are too annoying and cringe. So they got perma disabled.
  12. If you can't last 1 day without playing the 1 hero that you know how to play after this game has been existing for 12 years... then idk, consider the purpose of playing the game at all.
  13. It used to be available. My acc is from 2010, but I didn't buy it at the time.
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