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  1. If I would remake for every time enemy team has a disconnect... I would spend more than half of my hon time... Queueing and remaking.
  2. Thing that came to my mind after seeing remake vote being spammed over and over again every game, regardless if there is a leaver or not, is... why is that thing still in the game. There is no point of the Remake feature in HoN. Id say that 1 out of 20 games are being remade and it's mostly cuz of a shitty reason like: enemy spamming it because his team is weaker, because they fucked up pics or because they got a known griefer in the team and they want to get out... none of these reasons are valid to remake the match. The only matches that require a remake should be tourney matches, but since admin can remake it or pause it with the command, there is literally 0 good reasons for that vote to still be ingame. Look at dota, they dont have remake vote and everything is going fine. In hon it's just being used as a trolling feature, especially after a different guy can call the vote exactly after one vote was rejected. So game until 7:30 (when remake vote is disabled) is completely unplayable. Please consider removing this useless hon feature.
  3. I honestly think that the Remake vote should be removed from HoN... it will never bring anything good nor it ever brought anything good. Just look at dota, they have no remake vote and they are doing fine. People just use it as an excuse to get out of matches they are likely to lose. For me the last 3-4 days games are unplayable due to enemies spamming the vote until they can't anymore (7:30) and they come up with idiotic excuses like "i need to go", "i queued by mistake" etc... just remove the vote, nobody will miss it.
  4. Yeah I agree, if sticky bomb isn't on a hero, then it deals 50% dmg or something that's fair...
  5. Diabetis

    Server lagging

    I don't know if this is a right place to post this... but USE 4 has been incredibly laggy and unplayable for the past few months.
  6. Once you become lvl 16 as silhouette with ult (lvl 2 ult) being active... you cannot level up your ult until it expires...
  7. Diabetis

    Engineer keg (Q)

    Engineer's Q spell doesn't damage the catapult/balista.
  8. you shouldn't use that language here on forum. Calling frostburn employees turds and morons... grow up friend and then make a suggestion.
  9. think you went too far from your topic which proves my point.... you are more toxic than the people you are fighting against. Worthless thread as the HoN RAP system is pretty good.
  10. who is your friend, the famous youtuber? Is it pewdiepie or kripparian? Anyways I agree that the system has it's flaws in a way. you should stop acting like you are some kind of a staff member, staff impersionation is against the rules.
  11. Oh the irony, guy who's name ends with 1337 calls out people on being toxic... listen man, people who you think are the reason that game is dying are not actually the reason... it's because of people like you that the game is not enjoyable. Super troll thread
  12. maybe don't ult creepwaves then.
  13. I think because how strong Elec is... current ultimate ability should be his Staffed ability... 10 sec cd and you can purge yourself an a hero in range and remove all debuffs. Or slow an enemy and remove all buffs from him... Incredibly strong spell. Also who the hell thought that it's a good idea that you can walk and attack while stunning enemy hero for 4 secs.
  14. Make savior Rally available please. That's the only alt I'm missing
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