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  1. It should be 5%. Maybe you saw that player on a public match?
  2. Happy new year. Keep the HoN going until June
  3. For marketing perspective: OK.. IMO: I don't like anything that starts with "crypto related", Its just a extra resource that HoN or some other game would need to process.
  4. I would be interested! I haven't tried launching HoN on raspberry, but would like to give a try since I have both raspberry 3b and 4b. But It seems 3 is not powerful enough.
  5. Dear Santa. All I wish is for the Legendary Samuel L. Jackson (uncensored) announcer.
  6. Maybe there is a problem with the DIrectX installer. Where did you download DIrectX exactly? In HoN folder there is a DIrectX installer buit-in. In my case: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\directxredist\DXSETUP.exe
  7. Hello, "Fatal Error Couldn't load vid_d3d9" It's seems there is a issue with you're DIrectX 9 driver, not directly problem with the game itself. Did you try to reinstall your DIrectX 9 driver? Btw, replacing ddl fiiles is not a good idea! And what kinda spec are you running on your pc?
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