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  1. Got into the game with a guy who is probably stat manipulating - losing games on purpose together with his friend. I was trolled heavily on voice chat and god knows how angry i am right now. Ofcourse I've filed a regular report on both of them but as a former Garena GM I know how it goes: guys will just get banned for 3 days for all the games lost and then will continue their dirty job. While one of them is just a fat filthy troll, the second one is a stat manipulator and after getting to silver III will smurf shit out of low ranked players. Man they even claimed they hacked into hon database
  2. Yes, this is why devs have to remove blink from str Magebane
  3. Str hero would not normally have 20 physical armor.
  4. I love the idea of strength Magebane. Not a carry who can destroy literally everything once snowballed, but a tanky hero who punishes enemy casters. But you'll have to get rid of the most Magebane skills if he becomes str. But it is good actually. I mean screw his QWE, they are the most boring skills in the whole game! Look at this concept: Yes I know this one can be really broken. It's just a concept from an amateur player, but you get the idea, right?
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